5 Best Fundraising Incentives for Students!

5 Best Fundrasing Incentives from Mixed Bag DesignsIt’s back to school time, and as many parents know, fall is a popular time for fundraisers. Successful school fundraisers require much time and persistence. Some extroverted children love showing off their fundraising catalogs to friends and family, while introverted children may find that more challenging. While school fundraisers are a great opportunity for children to reach outside their comfort zone and learn about networking and face-to-face interaction, incentives are an excellent way to boost fundraising profits. Mixed Bag Designs offers prize incentive programs to excite kids about fundraising, but there are many other methods of revving up your student body to reach your fundraising goal. Continue reading

Keeping Your Fundraiser Audience Informed

Fundraising TipsOne of the best ways to keep you school engaged and excited for your fundraiser is to keep everyone informed! The more that people know about the fundraiser, the more they will want to participate. Check out these three simple ways to keep sellers and buyers informed about your school fundraiser! Continue reading

Reusable Bags: A Healthy Fundraising Option

Mixed Bag Designs fundraiserOn July 1st, 2014, a new law went into effect about school fundraisers and bake sales. As a part of the Healthy Hungry-Free Kids Act, federal regulations now require any food sold in school as a part of a fundraiser to meet very specific nutritional requirements. The requirements restrict any food’s calories, sugar, sodium, and fat content. This new standard limits the amount of bake sales schools can have—a classic and dependable fundraiser option. Food-based fundraisers where goods are consumed out of the classroom are still allowed, but common fundraiser foods include cookie dough and candy; As the U.S. tries to move towards healthier lifestyles to reduce obesity rates, more and more schools are trying to move away from fundraisers promoting unhealthy eating habits. Today, about one in three American kids and teens is overweight or obese, nearly triple the rate in 1963. As our country progresses closer towards healthy school lunches and fundraising snacks, a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser remains a great option for schools across the country!

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10 Ways to Promote Your Fundraiser!

Tips from Mixed Bag DesignsOne of the most important parts of any successful fundraiser is getting the word out! Because so much goes into planning and preparing for a fundraiser, it’s easy to forget to let people know about it. Not to worry though, below are 10 easy ways to raise awareness about your fundraiser and to let everyone know about Mixed Bag Designs!

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Successful Fundraising Tips: Get Ready For Fall!

fundraising tips from Mixed Bag DesignsAs the hustle and bustle of the new school year approaches, it’s time to start getting ready for your fall Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser! While holding a successful fundraiser may seem challenging, we have a few simple tips and tricks to guarantee success. Follow our advice and your fundraiser is in the bag!

First, it’s always a good idea to set a fundraising goal. This should be reasonable and within reach, but challenging as well! Determining the number of products each individual should sell is also a great way to motivate students, because each person has their own personal goal.

Next, make a list of people that the student body could sell to! Sometimes it’s hard for students to think of people beyond their parents, but there are endless possibilities – neighbors, coaches, friends, dentists – you name it! With a list of possibilities, no one will ever run out of ideas for who to call next.

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Best Back To School Products: Mixed Bag Designs

Back to School Products from Mixed Bag DesignsIt’s that time of the year again: the time for back to school shopping! Is the trusty lunch bag starting to wear out? Is your child’s backpack beginning to fall apart at the seams? Not to worry, Mixed Bag Designs has got you covered.

Even if your daughter says she’s too old for you to pack her lunch, she won’t be able to resist when she’s packing in style! Our insulated lunch bags come in a variety of trendy colors and prints, like blue paisley and bright floral. Not to mention the matching foodies, which hold anything from pretzels to sandwiches. Our foodies are 100% food and dishwasher safe, and are a stylish, eco-friendly alternative to paper and plastic!

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Win 5 Fall Styles from Mixed Bag Designs!

Enter to Win Mixed Bag DesignsCLICK HERE to enter to win 5 fantastic styles from Mixed Bag Designs’ Fall 2014 collection! We are accepting entries until Sunday, August 10 at 11:59 pm. Good luck!

Don’t forget to shop our online store to see all our Fall styles, including reusable bags, totes, lunch bags, and home storage!