10 Great Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8. Even though it’s fast-approaching there is still time to put together great gifts for your favorite hard-working teachers. Here are 10 super teacher appreciation ideas Mixed Bag Designs loves!

Great Gift Ideas

  • Surprise them with new classroom decorations
  • Write cute phrases on a poster or card and give a coordinating gift set. Examples include “You’re the Icing on the Cake!” given with a decorated cake and goodies or “You Warm Our Hearts” with coffees, teas and soups.
  • Pay for a substitute teacher for a day, so the teacher can choose an extra day off!
  • A watch along with a note “Thanks for Watching Over Our Kids!” The teacher will wear it everyday and be reminded of your gratitude!
  • Scratch-off lottery tickets with note saying “We’re Lucky to Have You!” waiting on their desk.

Free Appreciation Ideas

  •  Organize volunteers to cover lunch and playground duty
  • Create a student mural to surprise the teacher
  • Surprise him or her with breakfast and coffee waiting for them on their desk
  • Ask each student to draw a picture or write a letter to their teacher. Then put the letters together in a booklet as a keepsake.
  • Students offer to wash the teacher’s car

Top 5 Reasons to Use Reusable Bags!

Mixed Bag Designs Reusable Bags

What better time to celebrate reusable bags than Earth Day! With one of our favorite holidays coming up next week, we’ve been thinking a lot about why using reusable bags is so great for the earth. Using reusable grocery and shopping bags is more than just a fleeting fad – in some areas of the country it is even required by law for customers to bring their own bags for shopping. Don’t have enough reusable bags to fit your busy lifestyle? Not to worry, Mixed Bag Designs has you covered! Our products offer a great way to shop care-free and in style. Check out our top five reasons to use reusable bags! Continue reading

Great Fundraising Prize Ideas

Best Fundraiser Prizes from Mixed Bag Designs

When starting a fundraising season with Mixed Bag Designs, a little incentive can go a long way. By offering fun prizes to top sellers, both students and teachers alike will be motivated to sell Mixed Bag products and raise more money for your school or organization! Here is a list of tried and true prize suggestions that you can use to boost your fundraising success. Continue reading

10 Ways to Boost Fundraiser Profits Online

Online Fundraising TipsThe rise of social media sites, smart phones and online shopping have reshaped much of how we operate on a daily basis. Because of how “online” everything is, grabbing attention from a large audience can be pretty easy if you know how to use the tools! Here are some simple tips to utilize when promoting your fundraiser online: Continue reading

“Sweet” Fundraising With Our Kitchen & Home Catalog

Mixed Bag Designs Kitchen & Home

Mixed Bag Designs has always had lots of fun and exciting styles to sell for your fundraiser—but only recently did we start offering products you can TASTE. Lots of fundraisers involve yummy food, but Mixed Bag Designs offers foods that are both delicious and healthier alternatives. We have gluten free cake and cookie mixes, and foods made from all-natural ingredients.

Besides our food mixes, we have kitchen gadgets to help you prepare tasty and well-rounded meals. Our Veggie Chopper makes chopping up ingredients for your favorite salsa, main dish or snack simple. Give the easy-pull cord a few pulls to prep your foods without lugging out a big food processor. Our Spiralizer easily turns your favorite soft vegetables like zucchini and squash into veggie “noodles.” Use them for salads, saute them and more! Click here for recipe ideas from our website.

Besides food items, shop for kitchen accessories, home decor, party goods and great gifts in our Kitchen & Home Catalog. With a great price-range, tons of variety and products everyone will love, fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs just got even better. Between our Kitchen & Home and Bags & Accessories Catalogs, choose from 100s of sure-to-please items.

Earn up to 50% profit with Mixed Bag Designs’ flexible and easy fundraising program.

Go GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you are Irish or not, St. Patty’s Day is a great time to celebrate with good company, good food and good thoughts.

Everyone knows that green is THE color of St. Patrick’s Day and of Ireland. Green popcorn, cookies and cakes abound on this festive holiday, but Mixed Bag Designs has some top green products, too! Even better, our goods are “green” in an eco-friendly way as well. What better time to stock up on your favorite finds than today?

Green Designs from Mixed Bag Designs

Continue reading

Creating an Eye-Catching Fundraiser Display

Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser display

Schools that run a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser sure know how to set up great displays! Brill Elementary in Texas and Fruitvale Jr. High in California sent us some helpful photos of how to set up an effective fundraiser display. Continue reading