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Summer is nearly over and most kids are Back-to-School, which really means Back-to-FUNDRAISING. It’s time to put away the beach chairs and start planning your school fall fundraiser. With help from Mixed Bag Designs, we can make the transition back to school simple and stress free.

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Improving Fundraising Efforts: Tips for Success!


We’re certain that you’ve been part of a school, group, or organization that’s held a fundraiser that turned out to be a disaster. This is not surprising! The amount of coordination necessary to pull off a successful fundraiser is monumental!

At Mixed Bag Designs we have the experience of being moms involved in fundraisers, and we witnessed our fair share of poorly managed fundraising campaigns. This personal experience has given us the knowledge necessary to create a formula for easy fundraisers, that can be completely customized to your needs! Continue reading

Great Fundraising Catalogs = A Great Fundraiser!


One of the most important aspects of any fundraiser is the appeal of the products you have to offer. No matter how energetic the students, team members, or the group members may be, if the products aren’t exciting, the fundraiser is going to fall short of your goals.

At Mixed Bag Designs, we understand how frustrating it can be to see a well-organized fundraiser end up ineffective at raising money. This is why we have a different approach. From our support of your fundraising committee to the high quality and appeal of our fundraising catalogs, we can help ensure your fundraiser is a success!

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Top 10 Tips for Fundraising on Social Media

Social Media InfoGraph

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The Advantages of Online Fundraising


At Mixed Bag Designs, we work with all types of teams, schools, groups and non-profits to organize and facilitate online fundraiser programs. We often find that people are not familiar with the benefits of this option over the more traditional face-to-face types of community fundraising campaigns.

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Announcing our Fall 2016 Prize Program!

Fall 2016 Elementary Fundraising Prizes

Any parent or teacher know that motivating kids can be tough! When running your elementary school fundraising campaign, students, teachers, parents and friends alike need to unite to guarantee fundraising success. We’ve created a FREE prize program for sellers to self-motivate them throughout the fundraiser – no nagging necessary!

Our elementary prize program is full of items that excite kids, including toys from the sure-fire hit summer movie The Secret Life of Pets, fun emoji accessories, and tech items like headphones and a Bluetooth speaker. With 11 cumulative tiers in the prize program, there are rewards for many levels, great and small. For non-elementary schools, we have another free prize program – read more here! Continue reading

Last Chance Fall Signing Bonuses

Fall Signing Bonuses

Hurry! Our biggest bonus has been extended through June 10. If you can’t sign up in time for that, we have another great promotion the goes through June 30.  Elementary, K-12 & Middle Schools sign up for a Fall 2016 school-wide Catalog Fundraiser and qualify for gift cards and free teacher bags. Don’t wait and sign up today! Continue reading