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Kindle Cases + iPhone Accessories: Jazz Up Your Devices

iPhones, iPods, iPads, Kindles, oh my! Many people simply don’t (and can’t) leave home without their innumerable devices. Mixed Bag Designs is all about functionality – our design team often comes up with product ideas to solve their carry-along needs. iPhone cases have become indispensable, and why not have a whole matching set to really jazz up your IT accessories? Check out some of these sassy accessories for all your must-have gadgets.

Spring Fundraisers – It’s Not Too Late!

It’s not too late for a successful spring fundraiser! Mixed Bag Designs offers a variety of products that are great for all kinds of fundraisers. Spring sports teams, clubs and end of the year events will benefit from a fresh fundraising idea and we’ve got the products that are easy to sell, easy to order and sure to get you tons of profts. The best part about our spring fundraising products is that they are colorful, stylish, adorable and affordable.

Top 5 Fundraising Tips for Great Fundraisers

Check out the top 5 fundraising tips for a great fundraiser. These fundraising tips have been collected from experienced fundraising chairs who have extensive experience in creating top fundraisers for schools. With tips ranging from the best fundraising ideas to key fundraiser products, you can plan the best fundraiser using these easy fundraising tips.