Top 5 Fundraising Tips for Great Fundraisers

Top Fundraising Tips & Fundraising Ideas - Mixed Bag Designs

So, you’ve set the goals and organized the basics for your upcoming fundraiser, but you may be forgetting some key pointers to making your next fundraiser a great success. After speaking with experienced fundraiser chairs and parents across the country, there are some definite “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to making the most of your fundraiser and maximizing the profits. Check out these ideas and top fundraising tips to keep in mind for your next fundraiser!

Use Your Social Network – A great way to get the word out about your fundraiser is networking and maximizing your reach with social networking. Create a Facebook page for your Fundraiser where you can add all of the important information and pertinent details that may be of interest to your friends and contacts. Even if you don’t want to create a page, you can also send out messages and posts to your friends and family to get the word out about your fundraiser. Facebook and Twitter are very useful for sending out links to fundraiser catalogs and other helpful forms.

Follow Through to Impact – When you are planning a fundraiser, you may get caught up with the small print and planning details – as we all know, planning a fundraiser includes lots of loose ends and organization – and sometimes you and your other fundraiser partners may lose sight of the greater impact that you’ll have with the success of your fundraiser. A great way to maximize profits for fundraisers is to follow through on the impact and highlight where all the hard work is going! Once the orders are in, keep open communication with all those involved with the fundraiser to show where the profits are going so everyone can be kept in the loop of the impact of their hard work and fundraising efforts.

Maximize Fundraising Options– Showcasing variety is a great way to present a fundraiser and to reach a lot of people. Let your donors give as much or as little through offering a variety of products. Single product fundraisers usually do not attract as many donors, simply due to the lack of variety. Let people pick and choose, offering a wide range of options and price points in your fundraiser!

Offer Prizes – When we’re all working for a greater cause, everyone enjoys a little pat on the back. An easy way to kickstart your fundraiser is to offer prizes and freebies as motivation. Create contests where everyone’s a winner and give out different size prices based on different sales brackets to celebrate everyone who took part in the fundraiser. Whether it’s a small gift bag and an iPhone case or it’s a fun and colorful tote, special prize is a great way to ignite the fundraising initiative and get people going.

Align with Like-Minded Companies – If you’re not sure what to offer for your upcoming fundraiser, a good place to start is by analyzing the cause and motivation behind the fundraiser and then seeking out like-minded fundraising companies. If you’re raising money for a school sports team or club, you may want to steer clear of selling junk food and look more at companies that offer products that are not only great for sports and for kids, but also send a good message. We at Mixed Bag Designs have carefully designed eco-friendly fundraising products that are reusable and sustainable as well as fashionable. We have found that many fundraiser chairs choose to work with us based on our stylish, useful and green fundraising product line.

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