Spring Fundraisers – It’s Not Too Late!

Spring Fundraiser Ideas - Mixed Bag Designs Fundraising

Though we’re already heading into the school spring season, it’s still not too late for a successful fundraiser before school’s out! Spring sports teams, clubs and end of the year events will benefit from a fresh fundraising idea and now’s the time to get organized so you can maximize the benefit. Spring fundraisers are a great way to rejuvenate school team spirit before the end of the year and also are great sources for raising money for end of the year bashes or simply for the following season.

Mixed Bag Designs offers a variety of products that are great for all kinds of fundraisers. The best part about the products is that they are colorful, stylish, adorable AND affordable. Perfect for green fundraisers and eco-friendly ideas, these reusable bags, totes, stationery and more are not only great looking, they’re also great for the environment!

Fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs is ideal for a spring fundraiser because the products are easy to sell, easy to order and provide an opportunity for tons of profit. A fundraiser includes:

  • 50% profit on every item sold
  • Free Shipping
  • Easy online order entry and management for fundraiser chairs
  • Sorted and packed orders per student

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