Green Fundraisers Save The Date for April 2012

Reusable bags - fashion lunch bagsSave the date! Our world gets a little greener this spring with a very special and eco-fabulous week in April. The good times kick off with Earth Day on Sunday, April 22. Keep the good green vibes going with Arbor Day the following Friday, April 27. With The Lorax in theaters and spring blossoms already in full bloom, it’s a great time to celebrate our beautiful world.

With Earth Day, Arbor Day and the first real signs of spring, April is a popular month for us, since many schools and clubs take advantage of the good, green vibes and plan a green fundraiser around it. Earth Day is a popular school fundraiser idea since nowadays many schools across the country are trying to promote healthy, sustainable choices as much as possible. Green fundraisers and school promotions are true to the days’ origins. Earth Day first began in Seattle as part of a campaign for environmentalism and green living. Similarly, Arbor Day was founded well over 100 years ago in Nebraska as a tree-planting festival. Mixed Bag Designs is excited and proud to continue the eco-friendly spirit of both Earth Day and Arbor Day and we love promoting green fundraisers in schools and clubs.

In honor of green fundraisers and fun Earth Day ideas, check out our reusable shopping bags and colorful lunch bags that will brighten up your day and green up our world!

Reusable shopping bags are the coolest and most fashionable way to shop. Many stores even offer donations to charities and environmental organizations if you forgo their plastic and paper bags. And we’re not just talking about grocery stores (though reusable grocery bags are definitely a trendsetting style item); department stores and clothing stores like Urban Outfitters have joined the sustainable shopping bag movement. Our reusable shopping bags let you maximize your personal style and minimize your carbon footprint.

We’ve all seen the standard professional lunch cooler in boring and boxy black and gray, but we think you can brighten up your cubicle with a stylish and fun lunch bag. The Mixed Bag Designs lunch bags are 100% food safe and 100% to see and be seen. Each come with a super-strength velcro close and is completely insulated to lock in the temperature and the flavor. These bags are definitely not just for the ladies – the boys lunch bags are great for the guys.

These are just a few of our Earth Day fundraiser ideas, but what about you? How will you be celebrating the greenest week in April?

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