Mixed Bag Designs: What’s In Your Bag?

Mixed Bag Designs Reusable Bags for Green FundraisersWhat’s in your bag? At Mixed Bag Designs, we want to offer bags that are versatile, durable and fashionable. We want totes and storage that are cute AND useful, letting us tuck away all of our odds & ends into fun, stylish boxes and bags. Here at Mixed Bag Designs headquarters, we went around and asked our staff what they carry in their bags and what they use our bags for. There’s a few surprises and some funny discoveries (cats apparently love our bags)!

Co-founder Jan Mercer likes to hide all of her inventory files and paperwork in the stylish damask file boxes in her office to keep her desk looking clean and her shelves looking pretty. Amy Lombard in the marketing department uses the Navy Flower large zip tote to cary her Kindle (in the Navy Geo Kindle Case) and bike helmet that comes in handy on her daily commute. Here’s a list of 100 items found in our Mixed Bags both around the office and at home! What’s in yours?

Mixed Bag Designs Reusable BagsCheck out our full list here!

1. Tupperware containers

2. iPhone (with our Aqua/Paisley iPhone case)

3. Make-up bag

4. 2 shampoo bottles

5. Foodie bags filled with snacks

6. The Hunger Games trilogy

7. Apples AND oranges

8. Hair ties, bobby pins, scrunchies and hairbrush

9. Box of tissues

10. The Blossom lunch bag holds all my snacks for the work day!

11. Camera

12. Magazines

13. Popcorn

14. The catch of the day (a friend took the large zip tote with him on a fishing trip)

15. 2 six packs in the department store bag

16. Bandages and cough drops

17. Mini notebook with pen

18. I carry all my goodies for my Bunco group in a department store bag or tall tote

19. Gift cards

20. Library books & reading glasses

21. Gardening tools in the hold everything bag in my garage

22. Beach towels storage

23. Zip pouches are great for keeping receipts – no more receipts jamming up my wallet

24.Cheese and baguette

25. Farmer’s market goodies (mushrooms, romaine hearts, peaches, nuts, rotisserie chicken)

26. Box of chocolates

27. Bottle of wine

28. Backyard compost

29. Bouquet of sunflowers

30. Flip flops

31. Cleaners under the sink

32. Recyclables! Paper/cardboard, glass, plastic to take down to the recycle bins

33. Clothes returns

34. Coloring books for the kids

35. Beach prep: sunscreen, sunglasses, bottle of water, towel, sarong, snacks & a pail and shovel

36. 2 reusable water bottles

37. Diapers & wipes (the six-pocket tote is my diaper bag!)

38. Art supplies

39. Scrapbooks and photos

40. Scarves and a hat

41. My winter sweaters hibernate in the underbed storage boxes

42. Clothes samples for photo shoots

42. Sandwich

44. All of my makeup fits easily into the cosmetic bag

45. My car would be disaster if it weren’t for the trash tote!

45. Tweezers & scissors

46.  Extra socks for my son

47. Earrings

48. Hand sanitizer and handiwipes

49. Pens and paper

50. Umbrella

51. Papers for recycling

52. Wallet and credit cards in my Mixed Bag nylon wristlet

53. Pajamas

54. Frozen food

55. Snow brushes and windshield cleaner in the fold and hold

56. Extra pair of shoes

57. Note cards

58. Electric toothbrush on its base & change of clothes on overnight trips

59. Dog bowl and food

60. Road trip must-haves (almonds, chips, water bottle, fresh fruit, games, books)

61. Tennis racquet, sneakers and tennis balls

62. Make up and mirror

63. Toys

64. My kitty cat fits easily in my bag and he loves it!

65. Finds from my favorite thrift shop

66. I take the weekender tote with me when I go to Ikea

67. My daughter’s dance leotard and accessories for her afternoon dance class

68. My dog

69. All my toiletries

70. Linens (tablecloths, dishtowels, hand towels)

71. Ribbons & craft supplies

72. Picnic items (plates, placemats, cutlery, napkins)

73. Soccer gear

74. Dinner party items

75. Paint supplies

76. Freshly baked cookies

77. Barbie dolls

78. Take-out menus

79. Onesies and bibs

80. Cheerleading pompoms and uniforms

81. Extra toilet paper rolls

82. Chapstick

83. Post cards

84. Wine glasses & bottle of wine for a BYOB party

85. Dried fruit snacks

86. Jars of freshly made marmalade

87. Goggles, towel and swimsuit

88. Hammer, nails, DIY tools

89. Hiking gear

90. Posters and large pictures in the garment bag

91. When it’s hot, I put my cosmetics in the insulated cooler and leave it in the car

92. Sunglasses

93. Potatoes fit nicely into a tall tote in my pantry

94. Textbooks and flash cards

95. My 90-year-old mom uses the drug store bag for groceries – it’s the perfect size for the weight she can carry

96. Single socks in my laundry room

97. Safety pins

98. Coupons

99. Everyone’s take out for lunch

100. Even more bags!

See The Whole List in an image!

Mixed Bag Designs - What's In Your Bag?

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