Los Angeles Bans Plastic Bags

This week with a city council vote of 13-1, Los Angeles became the largest metropolis in the United States to ban plastic bags outright and also impose a charge on paper bags. Although the ban has been met with controversy and complaints from both plastic bag manufacturers and Los Angeles citizens, the city council hopes it will be a positive step in making the city a healthier and greener environment. Mixed Bag Designs’ reusable grocery bags are made from the same plastic used to make yogurt cups and up to 40% of the plastic used in our bags is recycled from post-consumer use. These reusable bags are recyclable anywhere #5 plastic is collected (the same place you can recycle those yogurt cups and hummus tubs) – including Whole Foods locations across the country.

10 Easy Ways to Go Green

We are always interested in promoting ways to go green, and are often happily surprised at how much we can save (both in the recycling bin and in our wallets) by making a few eco-friendly changes in our everyday routines. As we love our reusable grocery bags and eco-friendly products, it’s no surprise that our list of the 10 Easy Ways to Go Green involves some of these colorful alternatives. But this list also includes some ideas gathered from our staff on how they try to go green. Check it out!

MBD shares the love – our latest winners! Stay tuned for more giveaways

We LOVE our fantastic fans! We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without all of you! We’d like to give a shoutout to two lucky fans this week. Recently we have decided to share all the love that YOU give us by offering up fun contests and giveaways on our Facebook page. We like to highlight those great fans that are constantly sharing, commenting and giving us great feedback! Stay tuned for future fan giveaways!

Green Fundraisers: Support Ridgefield Schools Going Green!

Grassroots organizations have sprouted up all over the United States and efficient, sustainable green programs are blossoming with help from schools and community leaders. The Green Village Initiative in Ridgefield, CT has introduced successful green programs in their elementary schools and middle schools. Read on about how you can support a school fundraiser to help raise awareness about recycling and eco-friendly habits.

Get Your School Going with Grades of Green

Mixed Bag Designs is excited to announce their new partnership with the non-profit organization, Grades of Green, as part of their campaign to best promote green living and help organizations meet their fundraising goals with affordable and sustainable products. Find out why we love this eco-friendly company and how you can support them through a fabulous green fundraiser with Mixed Bag Designs!