Los Angeles Bans Plastic Bags

Reusable bags - Los Angeles Bans Plastic BagsThis week with a city council vote of 13-1, Los Angeles became the largest metropolis in the United States to ban plastic bags outright and also impose a charge on paper bags. Although the ban has been met with controversy and complaints from both plastic bag manufacturers and Los Angeles citizens, the city council hopes that by promoting reusable bags, it will be a positive step in making the city a healthier and greener environment. The program will take effect later this year and will be modeled after similar initiatives in other California cities including San Jose, San Francisco and Santa Monica, among others. The plastic bag ban affects 7,500 stores, starting with large retailers, requiring them to phase out plastic bags over six months, meanwhile smaller shops have a year.

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The Bags of Summer!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! In honor of the unofficial summer kick-off weekend, our staff picked their favorite must-have bags for summer. You can also see some of our favorite summer bags on Pinterest.

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10 Easy Ways to Go Green

Reusable bags - 10 Ways To Go GreenWe are always interested in promoting ways to go green, and are often happily surprised at how much we can save (both in the recycling bin and in our wallets) by making a few eco-friendly changes in our everyday routines. As we love our reusable grocery bags and products, it’s no surprise that our list of the 10 Easy Ways to Go Green involves some of these colorful alternatives. But this list also includes some ideas gathered from our staff on how they try to go green. Check it out!

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Team Fundraisers: Spotlight on Charter Oak High School Cheer

Green Fundraiser for cheerleading team Though they are usually the ones hyping up their classmates and supporting their teams from the sidelines, now you can gather and support the Charter Oak High School Cheer & Mascot Team from Covina, CA. In an effort to promote their team, they have chosen Mixed Bag Designs to help raise funds for their Cheer Camp with an eco-fabulous team fundraiser.

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Fundraiser Success: Writing Fundraising Cover Letters

Great fundraisers - fundraiser cover letter tipsFundraising letters are a great way to let parents know about your goals and how they can give their support. It can be difficult if you’re not sure where to start, but we’re happy to help out! Make your letter short and to the point, and use these tips for writing a successful fundraiser cover letter.

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MBD shares the love – our latest winners! Stay tuned for more giveaways

Giveaway winners - Mixed Bag DesignsWe LOVE our fantastic fans! We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without all of you! We’d like to give a shoutout to two lucky fans this week.  Recently we have decided to share all the love that YOU give us by offering up fun contests and giveaways on our Facebook page. We like to highlight those great fans that are constantly sharing, commenting and giving us great feedback – we read all of it and take a lot of your suggestions into consideration in our weekly meetings here at MBD headquarters. Keep it all coming – your suggestion may be featured in our next catalog of products!

Today we’d like to congratulate our Facebook Fan of the Month for April 2012 AND the winner of our Facebook gift card giveaway. Congrats to Unique Hughes for her ongoing support on our Facebook page – she is our Facebook Fan of the Month. Thanks to all her “likes,” “shares,” and comments, she not only gets us jazzed with her responses, she also lets others know about us too! Thanks so much Unique, we’re happy to give you a free product of your choice! Please contact Amy at amy@mixedbagdesigns.com to claim your prize. For the rest of our faithful Facebook fans, stay tuned for more giveaways and our ongoing Facebook Fan of the Month – you could be our next FotM!

We also have to give a shoutout to Tin Cruz, the lucky winner of our $50 gift card sweepstakes on Facebook. Thank you to everyone who entered and congrats to Tin, happy shopping!

Green Fundraisers: Support Ridgefield Schools Going Green!

Green Fundraisers - Support Ridgefield CT School FundraiserAs plastic bag ordinances and recycling programs headline the front pages of newspapers and magazines around the country, many communities are taking the matter of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle into their own hands on a local level. Grassroots organizations have sprouted up all over the United States and efficient, sustainable green programs are blossoming with help from schools and community leaders. In a quiet Connecticut town filled with mom and pop shops and abundant greenery, a local group decided to bring the eco movement to their charming streets.

The Green Village Initiative in Ridgefield, CT has been supporting environmental changes in their local community since 2010. In just a few short years, they have helped establish Ridgefield as the first town in Connecticut with an edible garden in every school and an accompanying curriculum-based activity guide to support their environmental endeavors. Fostering a relationship with each elementary school has been key to starting the conversation early and helping to inform and influence wider systemic changes throughout the greater community.

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