Get Your School Going with Grades of Green

Green School Fundraisers - Support Grades of GreenMixed Bag Designs is excited to announce their new partnership with the non-profit organization, Grades of Green, as part of their campaign to best promote green living and help organizations meet their fundraising goals with affordable and sustainable products. The partnership kicked off with the Verte 2012 Conference held in Santa Monica on April 27. Mixed Bag Designs was a proud sponsor of the green event and provided our stylish totes in popular prints to event attendees.

Grades of Green is a unique and inspiring organization that works with hundreds of schools to promote cleaner, healthier living through easy-to-implement activities and initiatives. They simplify a variety of efforts so that schools can easily and efficiently present new environmental protection habits to their students. Some of the activities include incorporating worm bins and in-class recycling programs into classrooms, while others introduce healthier habits outside of school like Walk to School Wednesdays and Make a Difference Mondays. Each idea and activity includes facts and information that explain the positive impact of each initiative (for example, Walk to School Wednesdays is inspired by the idea that walking 5 miles a week (1/2 mile to/from school each day) saves 339 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions per year AND improves students’ health). Their fun and approachable system has helped transform well over 100 schools in 20 states and continues to grow.

Mixed Bag Designs‘ marketing coordinator Amy Lombard stated, “Partnering with Grades of Green is a fantastic opportunity for us and we are so excited to be a part of their effort to promote sustainable living.”

Check out their website to learn more about Grades of Green. You can also watch some of their green initiatives in action on the Grades of Green YouTube channel. If you’d like to support Grades of Green and Mixed Bag Designs, shop around our recyclable, eco-friendly bags and accessories. For every purchase, Grades of Green receives 40% of the profit as part of our green fundraising effort. Be sure to include the Fundraiser ID# 104110 for Grades of Green at checkout!

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