Fundraiser Success: Writing Fundraising Cover Letters

Great fundraisers - fundraiser cover letter tipsFundraising letters are a great way to let parents know about your goals and how they can give their support. It can be difficult if you’re not sure where to start, but we’re happy to help out! Make your letter short and to the point, and use these tips for writing a successful fundraiser cover letter.

Personalize it! Add your school name, mascot and any important phrases.

Grab their attention! Use a clever opening to catch the reader’s attention.

Be goal oriented. Tell them why you’re doing the fundraiser and how you’ll use the funds. People will order more and become more involved when they understand the goals and are a part of the program.

Tease them with products! Get people excited to open the catalog and shop!

Prize program. Provide and highlight the what/how/when the participants win their incentives.

Keep it simple. Make sure your instructions are short, sweet and easy to follow.

Include important information:
– Your fundraiser start/end dates
– Deadline for turning in orders
– Where to turn in orders
– Contact phone number and email just in case

Make it easy to do and people will be happy to help! And of course, have fun with your FUNdraiser! See more sample cover letters for school fundraisers and cover letters for team fundraisers for additional ideas.

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