Team Fundraisers: Spotlight on Charter Oak High School Cheer

Green Fundraiser for cheerleading team Though they are usually the ones hyping up their classmates and supporting their teams from the sidelines, now you can gather and support the Charter Oak High School Cheer & Mascot Team from Covina, CA. In an effort to promote their team, they have chosen Mixed Bag Designs to help raise funds for their Cheer Camp with an eco-fabulous team fundraiser.

The program is a great activity for the young men and women in the community and promotes teamwork, persistence and diligence. Now is your chance to help out the cheer squads and it’s so easy! Just go shopping! You can help the team AND buy a fun, stylish and eco-friendly bag in this team fundraiser! Shop around our Mixed Bag Designs shop and 40% of any purchase made online that includes the Fundraiser ID 105644 at checkout will go towards the Charter Oak Cheer program. You know you love to shop, and this way it goes to a great cause and is a environmentally responsible purchase – a win-win all around!

The Charter Oak Cheer/Mascot Team Fundraiser runs until June 2. Their Fundraiser ID is 105644. Thanks to Ms Teri Bartel for sharing her team fundraising story with us! Good luck to the COHS Cheer & Mascot squads!

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