Kick off Summer with some Pinspiration!

June 21 marked the official start of summer! We’re celebrating with thoughts of what we’re cooking up on the BBQ this weekend. From pool parties to campfires, we all look forward to the sweet summertime. Here are some of our favorite recipes for our go-to meals as well as some we’ve bookmarked. Check these out and find on Mixed Bag Designs on Pinterest.

Mixed Bag Designs: Find Us On Google Plus!

Mixed Bag Designs on Google Plus! The social media adventure continues! We have started a Google Plus page that will include some new stuff that’s a little different from our Facebook page. We’ll add different news, some fun new photos and an all-access pass to our catalogs! Come join us!

Top Five Reasons Reusable Bags Are The Way To Go

It starts with such a simple question – “paper or plastic?” – but now some people are looking for a different answer. More and more people are turning to reusable bags for their grocery shopping and errands. What’s the big deal? Check out these top five reasons of why reusable bags are the way to go. Try out reusable bags and you’ll probably never go back to the boring plastic bags, but here are some incentives to keep those reusable bags handy in your car or near your door so you’ll never forget them on your way out.

Great Fundraisers – Support Leukemia and Lymphona Society

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with a strong woman who is a loving mother, proud grandmother and a cancer survivor. Thirty-one years ago, Ms Donna Coykendall had a two-week-old son when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As she puts it, she began the “fight of her life” and started aggressive chemo and radiation treatments. By the time her son celebrated his first birthday, she was cancer free. Now she has good health, three children, five grandchildren and a whole new mission: helping to fund research to find a cure for leukemia, lymphoma and other blood cancer diseases. Learn more about her story as well as how you can help contribute to her fundraiser.

Great Fundraisers – Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue

“We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our amazing, generous volunteers.” Mixed Bag Designs recently had a chance to sit down and speak with Cheryl Eitz, the event coordinator and fundraising chair for the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue non-profit organization. She had originally worked with MBD to run a fundraiser to raise extra funds for the organization, and as we learned more about the group’s mission, we wanted to help get the word out.

Successful Fundraisers: Check out a how-to Fundraiser Checklist

Planning fundraisers can be stressful for the volunteers, but a few ahead-of-time planning can really cut down on the stress levels and late-night scrambling with all those orders! We are always happy to help our fundraisers not only maximize their profits but also have an easy, hassle-free experience. After all, fun is a part of FUNdraising (sorry, couldn’t resist!). Check out our helpful fundraising checklist to organizer your next fundraiser!

Great Fundraiser Story: Diabetic Alert Dogs

The stories behind the fundraisers and the subsequent fundraising success stories motivate us to work harder each season to provide fresh and fun designs that will increase profits for every fundraiser we work with. This fundraiser to support a loving family in Texas is one of those stories that makes us pause, reflect and also inspires the team behind the fundraiser to get the story out to help raise money for the cause.

Fall 2012 preview: all new eco-friendly products coming soon!

Mixed Bag Designs Fall 2012 preview: we believe the key to increasing your fundraiser profits each year is to offer an attractive, versatile product that’s on trend. Each year we come out with new products in fun and colorful prints to keep things fresh and fashion-forward. We love to hang on to some fan favorites but always mix it up a bit so you’ll never see the same catalog twice!

Easy Updates for the PTA: Our School Pages

We were recently approached by one of our fundraising customers in the Seattle area with a fantastic idea that can easily organize your local PTA initiatives as well as your school communications. Our School Pages creates a cool, easy-to-follow website that’s customized to your organization within a matter of minutes. This takes PTA communications to a whole new level, creating a streamlined dashboard that organizes all of your information not only for PTA leaders, but also makes it really easy for volunteers to get involved.

Did you know? Get some eco-friendly facts!

Did You Know? The first of many…With several years experience in the fundraising business and building a green, eco-friendly company, we have gathered tons of little tidbits and helpful information. We have decided to share some of these fun facts and trivia with you all as we kick of the summer! Today in our inaugural post, we’ll give you two for the price of one, since we’re so excited about all these fun and random bits of information! So, without further ado