Easy Updates for the PTA: Our School Pages

Our School Pages - Great Ideas for PTAMixed Bag Designs was recently approached by one of our fundraising customers in the Seattle area with a fantastic idea that can easily organize your local PTA initiatives as well as your school communications. Our School Pages creates a cool, easy-to-follow website that’s customized to your organization within a matter of minutes. Your personalized site takes PTA communications to a whole  new level, creating a streamlined dashboard that organizes all of the important school and PTA information and makes it really easy for volunteers to get involved.

Our School Pages gives schools and PTAs a fully functional and attractive website that’s very user-friendly. The idea has caught on in the Pacific Northwest after founder Rajeev Goel demonstrated the positive impact of the site at the Washington State PTA Convention. Read on to see why so many PTA volunteers have chosen to create a website with Our School Pages.

Organizers can post volunteer positions to their new website and have parents sign up online. The easy sign up process is a definite plus – it’s easier to get more volunteers when signing up is so simple and straightforward. PTA leaders can also monitor membership and dues quickly as members can simply pay online with the click of a button. Update your school calendar with events and add notifications so parents know what’s going on with real time reminders. Don’t worry about spam, each user has their own personal settings to control which emails and how many emails they receive.

All of these capabilities are available online in one place, saving you both time and money – not to mention saving lots of paper! Check out Our School Pages for more information! Thanks to Rajeev for letting us know about his innovative and interesting company!

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