Great Fundraisers – Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue

Great Fundraisers - Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue“We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our amazing, generous volunteers.” Mixed Bag Designs recently had a chance to sit down and speak with Cheryl Eitz, the event coordinator and fundraising chair for the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue non-profit organization. She had originally worked with MBD to run a fundraiser to raise extra funds for the organization, and as we learned more about the group’s mission, we wanted to help get the word out.

Fortunately, part of working in the fundraising business means that we meet and work with people who are striving to reach their goals. We are lucky in that part of job is working to support some pretty inspiring causes. The stories behind the fundraisers and the subsequent fundraising success stories motivate us to work harder each season to provide fresh and fun designs that will increase profits for every fundraiser we work with. This fundraiser to support an animal rescue organization in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana is one of those stories that makes us pause, reflect and also inspires  the team behind the fundraiser to get the story out to help raise money for the cause.

Founded in 1999, the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue is funded entirely by donations and run by the spirit and love of many volunteers who are dedicated to rescuing Boston Terriers from shelters and individuals and finding them permanent homes. The organization has no centralized shelter, instead relying on each other and fostering the rescued dogs in their own homes until they can find the animal a lifelong home. The group does not discriminate and takes in all dogs, whether they are sick, old, or severely injured and will care for them and seek proper medical care as they try to place each one in a home. Cheryl remarks that “even in old age, [these dogs] have so much more living to do.”

Sometimes the dogs are rescued from dire, abusive situations, other times they are simply abandoned and sometimes the owners leaves the dogs with the rescue because they cannot afford the medical bills. In addition to the transportation expenses, maintenance and regular costs associated with pet care (food, shelter, etc.), taking on the medical bills is no easy task. Since many of the abandoned dogs are ill upon rescue, the volunteers often find that in addition to constant care and love, extra surgeries or biopsies are often needed to keep the dog alive, safe and happy. These bills start to add up, and although the group receives reimbursement by adopting out the dogs, there are several hundred dollars worth of medical bills per dog that are paid by volunteers.

The Rescue reached out to Mixed Bag Designs as part of their fundraising efforts to help get some extra funds for the medical bills and additional expenses that come with fostering these dogs. If you would like to support the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, you can do so easily by shopping in Mixed Bag Designs and adding the Fundraiser ID# 91761 at checkout.

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