Top Five Reasons Reusable Bags Are The Way To Go

Reusable shopping bags - Mixed Bag DesignsIt starts with such a simple question – “paper or plastic?” – but now some people are looking for a different answer. More and more people are turning to reusable bags for their grocery shopping and errands. What’s the big deal? Disposable bags are still commonplace in all shops and markets, and studies show that on average, a person uses 6 per week. Extrapolate that to the greater population in the United States and a measly six bags quickly multiplies into billions of plastic bags a week. Check out these top five reasons of why reusable shopping bags are the way to go. Try out reusable bags and you’ll probably never go back to the boring plastic bags, but here are some incentives to keep those reusable bags handy in your car or near your door so you’ll never forget them on your way out.

1. Plastic bags are around for forever. The plastic used is not biodegradable, instead it most likely photo degrades, meaning that it slowly dissolves when exposed to sunlight (though some plastic bags don’t even see the light when buried in landfills). As it dissolves, harmful toxins are released into the surrounding areas, further polluting the environment.

2. The so-called free grocery bags have a hefty price tag! Even though they’re offered up as a free part of shopping, everyone ends up paying up to have those plastic bags available. Business owners must pay for their plastic inventory, and taxpayers end up covering the costs of collecting and discarding the one-use bags. These costs include landfill construction and maintenance, transportation and processing. Some facilities offset the high cost to process and recycle the plastic bag by rejecting them and discarding them with the rest of the trash.

3) Help out the animals! There are estimates from wildlife studies that show that one million birds and other sea animals die from starvation after ingesting plastic bags which block their digestive tracks.

4) Instead of using 700 one-use plastic bags, you can just use one reusable bag. We’ve talked about how plastic is around forever. Well, reusable bags seem to outlast those one-use bags since they are easy to clean, stylish and fun, and are much more durable for carrying around a lot more stuff than just your ordinary plastic bag. Now that’s some longevity that any consumer can get behind.

5) Reusable bags are stylish and fun and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Make even the most ordinary errand extraordinary with a fun, reusable bag that shows some personality!

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