Where in the world is Mixed Bag Designs? First Stop Revealed!

The first clue from our world tour with Jeremy, our reusable bag ambassador was:
Yachts cruise into this seaside fishing town, past nearby calanques and hillside villas. This ancient port is considered so beautiful, a famous phrase by a Nobel-prize winning writer states that even if you have seen Paris but not this town, then you haven’t seen anything!

Where in the world is Mixed Bag Designs?

Mixed Bag Designs Trivia Contest

He’s in Cassis, Provence! This coastal town in Provence is well known for its dramatic cliffs and inlets known as calanques. It is a sought-after seaside resort where many travelers come to sail around the azure Mediterranean. The Nobel Prize-winning author Federique Mistral said upon seeing Cassis, “Qu’a vist Paris, se noun a vist Cassis, pou dire: n’ai rèn vist” (he who has seen Paris but not Cassis can say, I haven’t seen anything.” Jeremy took our Drug Store Bag in the fun baseball print to carry all of his traveling must-haves.

Next clue!
Neither France nor Italy can claim this sparkling city. With a glittery past that includes princes and a Goldeneye, this place is a glamorous pitstop for any trip!

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