Where In The World is Mixed Bag Designs? Second Spot Revealed!

Mixed Bag Designs has been following their bag ambassador around the south of France lately on his international jaunt through some of the most famous cities in the world! His latest trip took him to the height of sophistication and grandeur! Neither France nor Italy can claim this sparkling city. With a glittery past that includes princes and a Goldeneye, this place is a glamorous pitstop for any trip! Where did Jeremy take his reusable bag this time? Check out below!

Where in the World is Mixed Bag Designs - Montecarlo

He’s in Montecarlo Monaco! Known for its elegant yachts, renowned Formula One circuit and glamorous setting, Montecarlo is the world-renowned playground for the rich and famous. Jeremy took his favorite drug store bag to the Grand Casino but switched it up for the hipster while cruising around Nice, France. Looks like fun and he’s just getting started – where will he head next?

Next clue: Everyone has been great at guessing where Jeremy will be – let’s see how you do with this next clue! You may not be able to see Pluto, but you will definitely see Neptune! And you don’t have to worry about Medusa and her head of snakes, Perseus took care of that many years ago. They all come together in this eye-catching place alongside lions, gods and heaping plates of prosciutto!

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