Where in the World is Mixed Bag Designs? Third Spot Revealed!

Jeremy is on the move as the unofficial Mixed Bag Designs international reusable bag ambassador! His latest spot? Can you figure it out?

You may not be able to see Pluto, but you will definitely see Neptune! And you don’t have to worry about Medusa and her head of snakes, Perseus took care of that many years ago. They all come together in this eye-catching place alongside lions, gods and heaping plates of prosciutto!

Where in the World is Mixed Bag Designs? Florence!No, it’s not Greece – Jeremy and his drug store bag were spotted at the Piazza della Signoria or Piazza Vecchio in the heart of Florence! This square is framed by the Palazzo Vecchio, the Loggio deli Lanzi, the Uffizi Gallery and close to the Ponte Vecchio and famous Piazza del Duomo. Where in the World is Mixed Bag Designs? FlorenceHe sure is enjoying the vacation of a lifetime! Where will he go next?

Next clue: We hope Jeremy exchanged some euros during his time in Florence because he may need help with ATMs in this next spot! The ATMs here use Latin to process transactions!

Keep on following Jeremy with his Mixed Bag Designs to see where he ends up next!

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