Where in the World is Mixed Bag Designs? Fourth Stop Revealed!

Did you guess the last clue correctly on Jeremy’s world tour with Mixed Bag Designs? Maybe you’ll have better luck with this one! We hope Jeremy exchanged some euros during his time in Florence because he may be travel with ATMs in this next spot! The ATMs here use Latin to process transactions! Where is Jeremy? Find out below!

Where in the World is Mixed Bag Designs? Vatican City! He’s in the Vatican City! Jeremy traded in his reusable drug store bag for his Mom’s favorite hipster to carry all of his travel belongings through the smallest independent state in the world. The Vatican Bank is the only bank in the world that offers Latin as a language selection to perform your banking transactions. The option is part of an ongoing effort by the Vatican Latin Foundation to keep the language relevant! Did you guess right?

Where is Jeremy going next?

This time Jeremy takes his Mixed Bag Designs into a living museum of ancient ruins, artistic splendor, speedy Vespas and sweet gelato! He joins well-heeled locals in Spagna before heading down the Spanish Steps. We hope he added to the 3,000 euros thrown into the water each day at the feet of Oceanus in this city’s most famous fountain that guarantees he’ll return again someday!


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