Where in the World is Mixed Bag Designs? Fifth Stop Revealed

Mixed Bag Designs’ reusable bag ambassador Jeremy continues on his whirlwind trip. So far he has seen the south of France, Montecarlo, Florence and the Vatican. Where was he last spotted? See the clue! This time Jeremy takes his Mixed Bag Designs into a living museum of ancient ruins, artistic splendor, speedy Vespas and sweet gelato! He joins well-heeled locals in Spagna before heading down the Spanish Steps. We hope he added to the 3,000 euros thrown into the water each day at the feet of Oceanus in this city’s most famous fountain that guarantees he’ll return again someday!

Did you guess correctly? See below!

Where in the world is Mixed Bag Designs? Rome!This time Jeremy packed a lunch for a busy day exploring the Eternal City: Rome! He walked down the Spanish Steps, threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain and saw the ancient ruins of the Colosseum and the Roman ruins. His reusable lunch bag was a great addition to a long day and kept him from going hungry after all that walking!

Next up, Jeremy heads to the beach. He’s taking Strada Statale 163 to quaint fishing villages with fragrant terraced gardens dotted with lemon trees, ancient churches and simply spectacular views. This tourism hotspot promises delicious seafood, great weather and beautiful piazzas.

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