Successful Fundraisers Start with the Reps

Fundraising Tips - Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser Sales RepsIn the fundraising business, there’s always a lot of talk about how to be successful and making the right choices for your organization. The important decisions in fundraising run the gamut, from choosing the right products to making a fundraiser plan and proper timeline. Something that you may not give much thought to but is equally crucial to a fundraiser’s success is choosing the right fundraising partner based on their account representatives.

The fundraising company‘s sales rep represents far more than a company’s sales strategy, they are your engine that can really rev up your fundraiser’s profits. When planning a fundraiser and selecting a company, contact a few and see not only who responds but HOW they respond. Do you get a simple email or a personal note with a bit of creative flair? What is the rep’s communication style? Are they friendly yet straightforward? Do they take the initiative right away and offer up interesting ideas and help? All of these questions should be raised when first selecting what kind of partner you are seeking for your fundraiser.

Many fundraiser chairs think mostly about the product they are going to sell. They do cookie dough tasting or test out a reusable bag and completely overlook the rep that will be working alongside them to raise the funds. The best reps are the ones that understand the fundraising business and can quickly analyze an organization’s position to develop key selling points that will accelerate a fundraiser’s sales. The best chairs are the ones that know how to work with the reps to incorporate their creative ideas into the overall fundraiser plan.

Choose a great rep and you will have an expert on your team – stay with a great rep and you can project better fundraising sales year after year. Let the rep in from the beginning – after all, this is what they do every day and they probably have seen every potential problem as well as every potential success. They work with you on fun and new ways to jazz up your ordinary sales strategy. They come in at those crucial moments to keep the momentum going and minimize stress. They have plenty of Plan B ideas for problematic Plan As. Simply put, they are the ultimate back up team.

Here at Mixed Bag Designs we are proud of our sales team – they are consistent, committed and creative and we wouldn’t be here without them. Their friendly smiles round out our customer service pledge, their ingenuity keeps us on our toes and their diligence motivates us to work harder to keep up with them!

So remember, when you are setting out with your fundraiser plan it’s important to think about the timing, it’s crucial to select an attractive product that will be easy to sell and don’t forget the value of the company rep! Now, let’s get back to it and get your fundraiser going! See more school fundraiser ideas and a guide for team fundraisers from Mixed Bag Designs.

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