School Fundraiser Tips: Use Emails

School Fundraiser Tips - Writing EmailsOne of the most important parts of a successful school fundraiser is promoting it. When working with our fundraisers, we find that chairs struggle with how to get the word out effectively. A cover letter can really be a great kickoff to the fundraiser and can get people excited about supporting the cause. Another important factor to consider is the email. Take the traditional cover letter to the next level with effective emails to send out to parents. Emails are a great way to save paper and are often the easiest way to get in touch with parents at your school. Check if your school offers an email database, as many schools will allow this type of email for fundraisers. Talk to the teachers to see if they can help you with getting all of the parents’ updated email addresses. After all, it is for a good cause!

Improve your school fundraiser‘s email promotions with these simple tips:

1. The important info first and foremost. People usually take about 10 seconds to read an email, so you want to keep the content short and sweet, with the most important info bold and easy to spot. Use bullet points to highlight information like your fundraiser start/end dates, deadlines, where to turn in orders, etc. Also be sure to include the name of your school fundraiser (this is especially useful for parents with kids in different schools!).

2. Stay goal oriented. Tell them why you’re doing the fundraiser and how you’ll use the funds. People will order more and become more involved in the fundraiser when they understand the goals and are a part of the program.

3. Pictures! Emails are a great opportunity to show off the products and also grab people’s attention with fun graphics. We offer a variety of images for our school fundraisers to download, however you can also make your own! Just make sure to properly copy and paste it into the body of the email, and center it if possible. For best results, if you have a link to the image, use simple coding to embed the image into the email.  For the novice emailer, copy and paste this into the email to “embed” an image: <img src=”” />

4. Add links! When people read emails, they are either on their phone, tablet or computer. The point is, they are already in a position to take action and support your fundraiser. Include links to where they can shop or to the company website with short, simple instructions on what to do. The clearer the instructions, the better.

In the end, when writing emails for your school fundraiser, keep it simple, straight to the point and emphasize how easy it will be to support your fundraiser. The easier it sounds and the clearer the goals are, the more people will be willing to help!

Get more information about planning a profitable school fundraiser at our School Fundraiser Guide.

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