Fundraising Tip – Thank Your Donors and Supporters

Fundraising is full of fantastic moments and opportunities that bring a community together. There’s no better feeling than when you successfully bring people together for a common goal. It’s great to know that with the help of your contacts, friends and family, you could come together and help each other out in a successful fundraiser! We talk a lot about fundraiser tips and ideas, but one topic we haven’t yet covered is the Thank You. It’s important to follow up with those who took the time, effort or resources to support your fundraiser. Not only is it polite and enriches the relationship, it also lets that contact feel good about participating – and maybe next season they’ll be even more eager to help you out!

Our Navy/Green Flower Print is a Fast Favorite!

Navy Green Flower Totes – Mixed Bag Designs – Our Mixed Bag Designs staff has quickly selected their favorite print thus far for Fall 2012! The Navy/Green Flower print available in totes and bags in all shapes and sizes is sure to please! Choose from a variety of prints and styles twice a year in the Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser catalog. Find out why our fundraiser customers say “it’s the easiest fundraiser ever – the products practically sell themselves!”

Mixed Bag Designs Donates

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of meeting hard-working individuals who dedicate their lives to really inspirational causes. The fundraising business allows us to be a part of great organizations, if only for a brief chapter in their overall story. We are always excited to go beyond the fundraiser and donate our bags (or efforts) to help a great cause!

Mixed Bag Designs You Tube Contest!

In honor of our brand new YouTube channel, we wanted to hear from YOU! So we’re doing a contest, since everyone likes to win something and we love to see your creativity! Check out our contest below! We want to hear what you like most about your favorite Mixed Bag – whether it’s the grocery bag or a cosmetic bag or a design from seasons past – we just want to hear from you! You have a chance to win reusable bags plus much more in a first, second and third place prize program! Get online and start talking about your favorite Mixed Bag Design!

Great Fundraisers – Mason Creek Elementary School

The PTSO at the Creek is the parent organization at Mason Creek Elementary school in Winston Georgia. The school is relatively new and is ready to kick start their fourth year with a eco-fabulous fundraiser! The PTSO (now in its second year) is excited about getting their fundraiser up and running so they can not only get more materials for all 550 students, they’re also hoping to complete an outdoor learning pavilion project at their school! You can help this school fundraiser by purchasing a green reusable bag and 40% of your purchase goes right to the school!

Have a Successful Fundraiser: Offer Great Products!

Great fundraisers are the product of a collaborative effort, and the Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser team works with each customer to create a profitable experience that’s easy to manage from start to finish. With top-notch customer service and products that everyone will love, there’s no end to your fundraising possibilities! We believe a key aspect to a successful fundraiser is offering a versatile and attractive product that gets people excited about supporting your cause.

Mixed Bag Designs Does a Dance!

This time around, our video team did a little dance with the reusable makeup bag! We like to show off our bags in our videos to let you know how much they hold! This time, our makeup bag takes center stage and you can see just how much you can put in – from hairbrushes to styling spray and all kinds of cosmetics.

Great Fundraisers – Girl Power 2 Cure for Rett Syndrome

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Ingrid Harding, founder of Girl Power 2 Cure – possibly one of the coolest and most passionate organizations around! Operating under the idea that you can have fun and spread awareness/get things done, Girl Power 2 Cure is the ultimate rallying cry for women (and the supportive men in their lives) to come together and help fight Rett Syndrome, a heartbreaking and debilitating neurological disease prevalent among young girls. Through their hard work and perseverance, Rett Syndrome is poised to become the first neurological disease that can be cured. As they say, “you go girls!”