Great Fundraisers – Girl Power 2 Cure for Rett Syndrome

Great Fundraisers - Girl Power 2 CureThis week we had the pleasure of speaking with Ingrid Harding, founder of Girl Power 2 Cure – possibly one of the coolest and most passionate organizations around! Operating under the idea that you can have fun and spread awareness/get things done, Girl Power 2 Cure is the ultimate rallying cry for women (and the supportive men in their lives) to come together and help fight Rett Syndrome, a heartbreaking and debilitating neurological disease prevalent among young girls. Through their hard work and perseverance, Rett Syndrome is poised to become the first neurological disease that can be cured. As they say, “you go girls!”

Six years ago, Girl Power founder Ingrid Harding’s daughter was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, a disorder that can severely affect movement and physical activity. Those inflicted with Rett Syndrome may not be able to walk, move their hands or even speak, but in spite of their physical disabilities, they are believed to have normal brain functions. The disease largely affects women and can manifest itself in many different ways, some patients are severely physically disabled while others may only demonstrate slight symptoms.

Upon hearing her daughter’s diagnosis, Ingrid was determined to do as much as she could to not only help her daughter but the thousands of other girls who have Rett Syndrome. “Just because my daughter is disabled doesn’t mean I’m going to take the color out of her world. I wanted to put forth the life and joy that’s inside of her.” And with that sentiment, Ingrid started Girl Power 2 Cure, a fun and colorful campaign that has grown into a national movement for finding a cure for Rett Syndrome. Great Fundraisers - Girl Power 2 Cure

Through local fundraising programs including charitable races, family events and more, they have raised enough money to contribute to research that discovered a way to stunt the effects and symptoms of the disease through bone marrow transplants. It is a great breakthrough in research indicating that bone marrow transplants may be a potential cure for Rett Syndrome. Other research labs have also been able to reverse Rett Syndrome by discovering the protein that controls the neurons and is missing in Rett Syndrome patients. These breakthroughs could also be catalysts for curing other neurological disorders like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Girl Power 2 Cure taps into the girl movement saying “let’s get this done,” and help the thousands of women and girls diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Mixed Bag Designs linked up with Girl Power 2 Cure to provide yet another way you can support the cause and help Girl Power 2 Cure. Shop around Mixed Bag Designs and after checkout on the Review/Submit page, add the Fundraiser ID# 123389 to give Girl Power 2 Cure 40% of your purchase. Let’s help Girl Power 2 Cure in their fight against Rett Syndrome!

Click to learn more about Fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs and how you can raise money and awareness for your cause!

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