Easy Fundraiser Ideas – Online Fundraiser

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Everyone’s online these days – and it’s a great untapped resource in many fundraising efforts. Whether you decide to combine an online fundraiser with a traditional catalog fundraiser or you simply want to run an easy 1-2-3 fundraiser – then these online fundraiser ideas will definitely help you out.

Get online and get social – Using Facebook is a great and efficient way to get the word out about your fundraiser – you can easily update all of your contacts and let them know how to support your fundraiser.

  1. Add a quick status update on your personal page announcing your fundraiser. Include a link and your fundraiser ID so people immediately know what to do.
  2. Use photos. Photos catch people’s eye on Facebook – adding photos to your updates ensure that more people will see it.
  3. Follow up. Post throughout your fundraiser – add a countdown (Only 5 days left to get a cool bag and help our dance team get to nationals!) Be sure to include a link and your ID so people know how to respond easily.

Post on community websites – If you are doing a school fundraiser, post information about your cause and how people can get involved directly on the school website. You can also see if you can add information (and photos if possible) to the PTA website or the town website. Add information to the community calendar so it will appear on the website homepage.

Use Patch.com just as you would use your traditional newspaper – you can post an article, an announcement or add an event to the community calendar. When someone in your community checks on their Patch homepage, they will see your fundraiser information and updates. This is a great way to involve the community and let people know how they can support your fundraiser. The best part? It’s completely free as long as you sign up and join Patch using a valid email address.

You can even write your own blog post on Patch explaining why you’re doing a fundraiser and how people can support the cause. Patch has a “Local Voices” section that appears on their front page. You can write a short blog post announcing your fundraiser and include links so people know where to go and how they can support the cause.

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  1. The convenience and simplicity of this online service is gradually making it a popular choice amongst an increasing number of Non-Profit Organizations who have allocations to limited budgets.

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