Fundraising Tip – Thank Your Donors and Supporters

Fundraising Tips - Mixed Bag Designs

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Fundraising is full of fantastic moments and opportunities that bring a community together. There’s no better feeling than when you successfully bring people together for a common goal. It’s great to know that with the help of your contacts, friends and family, you could come together and help each other out in a successful fundraiser! We talk a lot about fundraising tips and ideas, but one topic we haven’t yet covered is the Thank You. It’s important to follow up with those who took the time, effort or resources to support your fundraiser. Not only is it polite and enriches the relationship, it also lets that contact feel good about participating – and maybe next season they’ll be even more eager to help you out!

There are tons of ways to say thank you – whether it’s in an email, letter, phone call or in person, it is the necessary final step to your fundraiser. Always keep in mind who the donor/supporter is when thanking them to keep it personalized and sincere.  You can also extend your gratitude before the fundraiser is over and acknowledge that they put in an order or gave important contributions to your fundraiser. Spread your thank yous out so that you can dedicate adequate time to each and every one. Express your gratitude, give the supporter their deserved credit and remember that you couldn’t have done it all without them!

Just remember that a thank you is vital to successful fundraisers and a successful future in fundraising – they are important  to keeping spirits high, giving credit where it’s due and hopefully ensuring that you will retain the support for next year! Happy fundraising!

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