Great Fundraisers – Support Chris Williams, Add ID# 143870

Support a Green Fundraiser - Shop Mixed Bag Designs with ID 143870

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Mixed Bag Designs is always happy to help its partnering fundraiser causes raise awareness about the cause and let people know how they can support a fundraiser. With Mixed Bag Designs, it’s as simple as buying a fun reusable bag, and after checking out, add the Fundraiser ID to give 40% of your purchase to the cause. Support a fundraiser and the environment with Mixed Bag Designs! Read more about Chris Williams and how you can help with his rising medical bills….

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Mixed Bag Designs 5 Favorite Prints for Fall!

Mixed Bag Designs Shop By Prints - Top Fall PrintsThough our prints are like our children and it’s hard to pick favorites, this week 5 members of our staff picked out the prints they gotta have for Fall 2012. Whether it’s on a grocery bag or an iPhone case, we are just crazy about these fun and colorful prints!

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Mixed Bag Designs Sponsors the Westside Children’s Center Arts Festival in Los Angeles

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Mixed Bag Designs is a proud sponsor of Westside Children’s Center’s 19th Annual Children’s Arts Festival. The WCC Children’s Arts Festival is a fun afternoon abundant with art projects, carnival games, great food, live music, performances, silent auction and more. Over 500 children and families attend each year and this year’s “Sunday on Main Street” festival hopes to entertain a record turn out!

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Great Fundraisers – The Children’s Theater On Ice Needs Your Help!

Bravo On Ice Skating Team Fundraiser

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You can help this winning team reach their team fundraiser goals! Bravo! The only Children’s Theater on Ice figure skating team in New Jersey is in need of your help! Bravo is a 26 member team, with skaters ranging in age from 6-16 years old. Since the team’s inception in 1997, it has taken home many championships, including big wins at both the regional and national level.  Continue reading

Back To School – Teacher’s Desk John Mika

The Teacher's Desk

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In the latest issue of People magazine, substitute teacher John Mika has been recognized as an “everyday hero.” Just what exactly did he do? He helped over a thousand teachers make sure they had everything they need for their classrooms this Fall. In honor of Back to School and the many volunteers and teachers who are dedicated to our nation’s education, we wanted to feature John Mika’s story. Mika is an inspiration for all of us, read on to see how his desire to help teachers in his hometown of Buffalo transformed into a website and operation that helps teachers across Western New York.

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Happy Back to School!

Mixed Bag Designs School Fundraisers - Back to School Helpful Links: School Fundraisers, Team Fundraisers, Fundraiser Catalog

Labor Day signifies the end of summer for many, but for students and our esteemed teachers across the country, it often signifies the beginning of a brand new year. In honor of these new beginnings, we are celebrating Back to School season with fun school fundraisers!

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5 Easy Ways To Go Green

Ten Easy Ways To Go Green - Mixed Bag Designs

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There are plenty of articles, news specials and updates on how to go green. Sometimes a few small changes can go a long way in making a truly positive impact on the environment. Mixed Bag Designs offers a variety of products that are made of partially recycled plastic and can be recycled themselves. Our grocery bags and totes are all recyclable and are a great way to go green. We think fundraisers can benefit from offering a versatile, eco-friendly product like reusable bags in place of candy, cookies and other unhealthy food. In addition to using reusable bags, here are plenty of other ideas for going green on a daily basis!

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