5 Easy Ways To Go Green

Ten Easy Ways To Go Green - Mixed Bag Designs

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There are plenty of articles, news specials and updates on how to go green. Sometimes a few small changes can go a long way in making a truly positive impact on the environment. Mixed Bag Designs offers a variety of products that are made of partially recycled plastic and can be recycled themselves. Our grocery bags and totes are all recyclable and are a great way to go green. We think fundraisers can benefit from offering a versatile, eco-friendly product like reusable bags in place of candy, cookies and other unhealthy food. In addition to using reusable bags, here are plenty of other ideas for going green on a daily basis!

1. Turn it off! When leaving a room, turn off the light, fan and or air conditioning. Unplug your phone charger when you’re not using it. Cutting down on this electricity can make a huge impact on the environment, plus greatly reduces your electric bill.

2. Bottle Up Creativity. Find fun ways to reuse glass jars, glass bottles and other containers. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and mason jars are all the rage. Use them for juice, serving drinks at parties and for cute decorations around the house.

3. Green Cleaning Machine. Swap out those supermarket cleaners for homemade cleaners using common items like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. Not only will you save a lot of money on those purchases, you can ensure a safer, healthier environment in your home.

4. Bring your lunch! Each year in the United States alone, people spend over $2,000 on purchasing lunch. A lot of these business lunches are to-go, and include plastic bags, plastic containers, Styrofoam and more. If you simply bring your own lunch to work, you will cut down on more than half of those daily expenses and can most likely ensure that you will be eating a healthier, heart-friendly meal PLUS bring it in reusable tubs and you can say so long to all of those single use containers.

5. Walk or Ride. Although we are pretty car dependent, swapping out the drive at least once a week for a walk or a bike ride not only provides a healthier option, it also saves you a lot on gas! Try walking or biking to work (or to the nearest public transportation station and try getting to work on a bus or commuter train). If you’re meeting a friend, try a spot that is in between your houses and walk there! Not only will it feel great, it’ll lighten your carbon footprint and won’t empty your wallet.

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  1. Can someone please tell me where these bags and products are made because when I think of true eco-friendly. I think of recycling items right here in the USA, just like my favorite toy company does

  2. Well I wish you made them in the USA now. You can see why under my advocate name on Facebook since I sent you a message there. Do you have any items not made in China?

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