Happy Back to School!

Mixed Bag Designs School Fundraisers - Back to School Helpful Links: School Fundraisers, Team Fundraisers, Fundraiser Catalog

Labor Day signifies the end of summer for many, but for students and our esteemed teachers across the country, it often signifies the beginning of a brand new year. In honor of these new beginnings, we are celebrating Back to School season with fun school fundraisers!

School fundraisers are often considered vital to the yearly budget and help fund tons of projects in and around the school. Mixed Bag Designs works with hundreds of schools across the United States and is happy to celebrate Back to School with all of the schools around the country!

We have lots of ideas for maximizing sales throughout your fundraising, starting with promotion. Word of mouth is always effective and there are plenty of ways to promote your school fundraiser to get people talking. Always make sure you remind people why you are doing the fundraiser – once parents and friends understand the important impact, they will be more eager to contribute to the fundraiser.

School fundraiser chairs for can find fabulous fundraising display ideas, cover letters, custom emails, scripts phone calls, banners and suggested timeline for your promotion strategy in our Fundraiser Chair’s Office. Let’s start the year off right with a successful fundraiser selling eco-friendly bags that everyone will love!

Right now you can shop our back to school collection and support your local fundraiser! If you add the fundraiser ID number on the “Review Submit Order” page, that fundraiser will receive 40% of your purchase. It’s a great way to stock up on useful back to school items and help out a local cause. Shop Back to School now!

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