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Great Fundraiser - Know Love Show Love
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One of our favorite parts of working in the fundraising business means that we meet and work with people who are striving to reach their goals. We are lucky that part of the job is working to support some pretty inspiring causes. The stories behind the fundraisers and the subsequent fundraising success stories motivate us to work harder each season to provide fresh and fun designs that will increase profits for every fundraiser we work with. This next fundraiser supports an inspiring family that is trying to expand their family through international adoption. This adoption story is one of those stories that makes us pause, reflect and also inspires us to help them get the story out and raise money for the cause.

Billy and Jamie Shaw are both schoolteachers in Hammon, Oklahoma who are active in their church and community. They have struggled with infertility for over twelve years before finally being blessed with their biological daughter, Bailey, who is now 8 years old. After trying again for a second child, their continued struggle with infertility brought them to adoption. They are now proudly part of the many families who are adopting one of the 147 million orphans in the world.

The Shaw family has decided to embark on the tumultuous but ultimately rewarding path to adopt a child from Ethiopia. There are currently 5 million children in orphanages in Ethiopia, a staggering statistic that was one of the reasons they chose to adopt from that country. They accepted a referral on an 18-month-old boy who is slightly malnourished, and has a vision problem which will require surgeries to correct, but otherwise he is a sweet, giggly baby that loves to cuddle!

They have decided to use a variety of fundraising efforts to help support the rising costs of dossiers, paperwork and travel as they work with International Adoption Guides, Inc. to help them through the adoption process. They have currently covered about half of the $29,000 that it takes to adopt through extra jobs, fundraisers and donations, and are continually amazed and humbled by the generosity of people who are willing to step out and help not only expand their family, but save a little soul on the other side of the world. Adoption can be a long, challenging and expensive process but the Shaw family has big plans to overcome these obstacles with help from their family, friends, church and community and can’t wait to welcome their new son in January. Find them and learn more about their fundraiser on their Know Love. Show Love Facebook page. You can support the cause by shopping online at Mixed Bag Designs and adding ID# 141010 in the Fundraiser ID box!

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