Successful School Fundraisers: Pre Kickoff Fundraiser Ideas

Promote Your School Fundraiser with Kickoff Ideas

Helpful Links: Mixed Bag Designs Fundraisers, School Fundraiser Guide, Successful School Fundraiser Testimonials

Make the most of your school fundraiser with a great promotion strategy! One of the best ways to get students excited about the fundraiser is to have a big kick off! But don’t wait until the official kickoff to start promoting your fundraiser – a pre-kickoff sales push is great for building momentum and getting everyone even more pumped about participating in the fundraiser!

Promoting the fundraiser and kickoff doesn’t have to be a huge production – it can be as easy as adding the fundraiser information to the school’s billboard or adding a picture in your town’s newspaper. You can also post a short reminder on or on your community’s website. Get on Facebook to spread the word, including information on how people can get involved with the fundraiser.  While you’re online, you might as well add a link or graphic to your school’s website showing off the fundraiser! Get more school fundraiser promotional ideas on our fundraiser promote zone.

Hand out some fliers before the kickoff that detail the prizes so that students can quickly see the rewards they can earn just by selling a few items in the fundraiser! Then at your assembly or kick-off program you can offer more details on the prizes and get those kids even more excited.

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