Top 5 School Fundraiser Ideas

School Fundraiser Ideas - Promote Your School Fundraiser

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School fundraisers are sometimes tricky to plan and can be very tiring. However our fundraiser team has come up with fun and fresh ideas to make your next school fundraiser the most successful one yet! Forget the stale bake sales and unraveling wrapping paper, these ideas will help you boost sales and get the students excited about participating in the school fundraiser. Get your volunteers together and read on for the top 5 school fundraiser ideas.

1. Pack on the prizes! There are tons of simple incentives and prizes you can offer to students to entice them to participate in the fundraiser. You can offer prizes for both individual students and classes. Check out these examples! For the class or students that raise the most, they can win: extra recess, a special lunch with the teacher/principal, have a fun physical activity break, have an afternoon dance party in the classroom or get to watch a fun movie.

2. Get staff and principal involved. Mixed Bag Designs’ school fundraisers offer extra samples and bags for fundraiser chairs to give to teachers for their classrooms. These samples and additional bags are great for promoting the fundraiser in every classroom – the teachers can display them prominently and use them to collect orders from every class. Then give the bags to each teacher as a thank you for helping out.

The principal is also a great motivator for students. Some of the most successful school fundraisers use the principal to really get the kids excited. Get the principal to dress up if the school reaches the fundraiser goals. The principal can also do a dunk contest or let the top selling students cover them in whipped cream at the end of the fundraiser (this worked for a school who sold over $25,000!).

3. Kick off with an auction. You can punctuate the school fundraiser by adding an auction into the mix. It’s a fun way to get parents involved and a great excuse for a party. Have local businesses contribute to the auction and promote the auction as an additional way to get funds. Offer all different prizes that are family-friendly: a free dinner at a local pizzeria, tickets to an amusement park, tickets to the local movie theater and other fun activities that every family would enjoy.

4. Spread the fundraising around. Many PTOs and other school organizations assume that Fall and the start of school is the only time to run a fundraiser. According to a recent poll by Family Education, 30% of fundraisers occur year-round. In fact, it’s a great idea to spread out the fundraising and vary the concepts – in Spring, run a fundraiser to close out the school year or to have a big kick-off for the following year. In Summer, run a fundraiser to help sports teams at the school. A winter school fundraiser is great for raising funds for a spring dance or trip.

5. Offer options. Sometimes parents don’t want to shell out large checks for each school fundraiser you do – but you can offer them options to help out or contribute in a variety of ways. From penny jars in the drop-off area to adding volunteering options, let parents get involved in as many capacities as possible – you’ll find the fundraising payoff will be much higher the more people participate in a way that they feel they can contribute best.

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