Fundraiser Tips – Cover Letters

Fundraiser Cover Letters - Fundraiser TipsWe talked about writing successful fundraising cover letters in the past, but this time around we are offering tips from the fundraising field. We’ve gathered fundraising tips from real fundraisers across the country and now have ideas on how to make the best cover letter possible for your fundraiser!Cover Letter Ideas - Fundraiser Cover Letter Tips

Add lots of pictures. We saw that some of the most successful school fundraisers used lots of colorful cover letters and fliers with eye-catching images. A great cover letter should do just that – catch people’s eye and be straightforward with the prizes and products. Add photos of prizes students can win and put short, simple sentences explaining exactly how they can participate.

Include the deadlines and important dates. Don’t forget to include the who, what, where, when and why on your cover letter. Add the contact information, important deadlines and where to drop off the orders – you want people to know exactly how they can participate just by glancing at your letter.Great Fundraiser Cover Letters - Real Fundraisers

Combine cover letter and flier. It’s a two birds with one stone strategy: print out cover letters that you can also hang up around school or in your community. Make the cover letter simple, colorful and with all the necessary information.

Check out these cover letter ideas and sign on to our Promote Zone to see even MORE examples of real cover letters from past successful fundraisers.

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