Sneak Peek for Spring Fundraisers!

Mixed Bag Designs Reusable Bags - Spring PreviewHelpful links: Shop all reusable bags, Why reusable bags, Mixed Bag Designs Fundraisers

We got a bunch of our samples in today as we continue working on our upcoming catalog and we just had to share some of the surprises. Unlike other fundraising companies, we have two catalogs a year that are completely different. Every Fall and Spring, our design team gets to work to roll out all new designs for cool and useful products – we try to keep things fresh, fun and functional – after all, we want people to buy the products to support our fundraisers‘ many causes.  Our product development team believes in adding great, new products alongside steadfast favorites so our fundraisers can consistently increase their sales each season. What products are your favorites and what would you like to see in a future Mixed Bag Designs catalog?

Mixed Bag Designs Reusable Bags - Shopping TotesThe Box Store bag is back! This time in all new prints – so you can haul your goodies from stores like Ikea or Costco in style!

Mixed Bag Designs - Reusable BagsThis Spring, Mixed Bag Designs is in the Navy! We love our new collection of navy prints – perfect for the beach or toting around town!

Keep an eye out – we are starting our photo shoot soon for the Spring catalog! More pics to come!

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