Church Fundraising Ideas – Easy Church Fundraisers

Church Fundraising Ideas - Easy Church FundraisersChurch fundraisers are crucial to many religious groups across the country. These days it has become quite difficult to raise contributions since churchgoers are tightening their belts as result of the ongoing financial strain. Church organizations must come up with innovative and creative fundraiser ideas to get people involved and to support the church events. Read on for some helpful church fundraising ideas.

Church Fundraising Run or Walk – What better way to bring the community together than in support of a fun, upbeat, outdoor charity walk or run? Fundraising walks and runs have become very popular as people are making more efforts to get outdoors and do healthy activities. A church fundraising walk invites the whole family to come out in support of their organization and it’s an easy way to raise some funds – just have each group contribute a certain amount based on how far they are walking. Combine it with a healthy picnic at the end of the walk with all proceeds going to the Church!

A Healthy Church Bake Sale – Keeping on track with the fundraiser walk, a healthy bake sale is a simple and straightforward way to raise funds for an organization. Parents and children can work (and cook) together to make easy-to-sell finger foods and snacks. Healthy recipe ideas include oatmeal cookies, granola bars, fruit smoothies and other fun treats.

Online Church Fundraising – Mixed Bag Designs works with plenty of religious groups on online fundraisers that are an easy way to run an ongoing church fundraiser where people can shop online and a portion of their purchase goes to the organization. A Mixed Bag Designs online church fundraiser offers 40% of every purchase back to the organization.

Fashionable Church Fundraisers – If your church has exhausted other options, a fundraiser selling reusable bags and stylish products may be exactly what you are looking for. Reusable bags are environmentally friendly and a refreshing twist on the traditional church fundraiser. Check out the Fundraiser Catalog to see all of the cool and unique products available for a fundraiser – plus the church fundraiser will receive 50% profit and free shipping on the catalog orders!

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