Mixed Bag Designs Team Fundraiser Testimony

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Every so often we receive a kind letter from a fundraiser. This hockey team fundraiser has worked with Mixed Bag Designs since 2009, and their yearly fundraisers help pay for the team dues, travel costs and tournament fees that come with being a successful traveling hockey club. We are proud to be a part of this hockey team’s story and wanted to share the kind words. We are always eager to help any school or organization raise funds to fulfill their goals and to make their programs happen. Please contact Mixed Bag Designs if you are interested in doing a fundraiser!

Dear Peggy and the Mixed Bag Designs team,

We are a travel hockey club that has been around for nearly 50 years. We have over 100 players ages 5 years old through 18 years old. As one of the most expensive traveling sports, our teams rely heavily on fundraising to help offset the costs associated with player dues, tournaments and post-season ice time. The sport begins with tryouts in late July, preseason & exhibition games in August and September, regular season games begin in October through March with post-season playoffs in April and State competitions in early Spring. Tournaments take place year round. Basically, ice hockey is a year round sport and we love it!

Mixed Bag Designs has been our most successful fundraising event in the Stockton Colts history. We have had successful fundraisers since the first year we started with MBD in 2009. As the fundraising 2-page flyer evolved into a catalog, so has the success of our fundraising efforts. In fact, I can confidently say that each year it becomes easier to sell Mixed Bag Designs. So far we profit $3-7,000 twice a year with our Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser!

Thank you for the excellent support before, during and after our fundraisers. Everyone at Mixed Bag Designs is so kind and knowledgeable. Peggy, as our amazing sales rep, you are great at providing us with excellent support in advance of our fundraisers. Verona, our customer service representative, is wonderful with providing us with outstanding support throughout the year. The quality of the products and the accuracy of the fulfillment of our orders surpasses the competition. I have learned so much about Mixed Bag Designs, I feel like an honorary employee! Some of our players think I work for Mixed Bag Designs, which I consider a compliment.

Thank you for providing quality products for us to sell!
With much appreciation,
Mixed Bag Fundraising Chairperson – aka the BAG LADY
Stockton Colts Youth Hockey Club; Stockton, CA

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