Fun Fundraising Idea – Make a Video!

A great way to catch people’s eye when promoting your fundraiser is to post a video on YouTube showing off the products you are selling and the reasons why you are doing the fundraiser! Recently, we saw that one of our school fundraisers posted a video promoting their fundraiser in a really fun way – we wanted to share the idea with everyone!

The Holly Shelton Orchestra posted this video to promote their current fundraiser – and it’s great! It gives a face to the fundraiser and makes it personal – plus it shows where the funds will go from each purchase. It’s easy to make this type of video – all you need is a digital camera or a smartphone and then you can easily post it to YouTube. YouTube also offers a variety of songs that are free and available to everyone. You can even edit your video in YouTube – it really couldn’t be easier! Check out the video for some inspiration – and get filming! It’s a great way to spread the word online about your fundraiser.

If you would like to support the Holly Shelton Orchestra, you can do so by shopping online at Mixed Bag Designs and adding the Fundraiser ID 70647 at checkout. Mixed Bag Designs has a variety of videos on YouTube showing off their products and also offering giveaways!

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