Going Green: Make Sure To Clean Your Reusable Bags!

Recent investigations from various news stations and national health organizations have revealed the importance of cleaning your reusable grocery bags. At Mixed Bag Designs, we are all about the reusable bag and reusable lunch bags, but we also make sure our bags are easy to clean – and for a reason!

The recent reports discovered that bacteria often thrives in the bottom of your reusable bag and 97% of people do not regularly wash their bags. Think of all the groceries, products, and mish mosh you stick into your reusable bags – after everything that’s been in a reusable bag and every place it’s been – it may need a good wash! Don’t worry, an easy way to stay green and healthy is simply to follow these few easy tips:

  1. Don’t place meat products in a reusable grocery bag in the trunk of a car – you don’t want the products warming up, thus creating an ideal environment for bacteria. Think of it just like ice cream – when shopping for meat, take it home as quickly as possible and you’re good to go!
  2. Also, stock up on reusable grocery bags so you can keep foods separate – put your produce and raw foods in one bag and keep those separate from other items like cleaning products or packaged foods. Designate a bag for different uses – you can have your reusable grocery bag for meat products, your reusable bag for other food products, and then another bag for carrying clothes or other items.
  3. And the most important – clean your reusable grocery bags! Mixed Bag Designs grocery bags can be wiped clean or even bleached between uses.

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  1. i always use cleaning products that are organic, we have some organic cleaning fluids at home and in our office..

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