Healthy School Fundraisers Saying No to Sweets

School Fundraisers - Lakeview ElementaryThese days the national movement to combat child obesity and diabetes has extended into school fundraising. Many elementary school fundraisers are taking a stand – after all, they are making moves to offer only healthy food in their cafeterias and vending machines, why not in their fundraiser? School fundraisers across the country, from California to New Jersey and Florida to Washington have decided to forgo the candy selling and chocolate bars in favor  of more health-conscious ideas and alternatives.

Recently school board officials in Tampa Bay, Florida proposed that the local PTAs should focus on healthy school fundraisers with some great suggestions: sell local produce, organize a walk-a-thon  or other group fitness activity, and even creating a farmers market. In a school that constantly promotes healthy eating in the classroom, selling cookie dough to raise money just didn’t seem right. Healthy fundraisers take the positive message from the classroom into the home, and can even help promote conversations at home with children about the healthy alternatives and why the school chose to make the change.

A recent school fundraiser chair from Ridgefield, CT pointed out that the Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser “is a brilliant idea. It sure does beat magazines, or pies or wrapping paper.” We hope you do too! What are your favorite ideas for healthy school fundraisers?

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