School Fundraiser Tips – A Vocab Lesson

Mixed Bag Designs School Fundraiser DisplayFundraising is a tricky endeavor – even more so when it comes to school fundraisers. Typically the fundraising organizer and organizing team changes hands every couple years, if not every year. Sometimes from season to season a school fundraiser chair will be completely different. From time demands to children graduating, there are tons of reasons why fundraiser chairs change regularly. At Mixed Bag Designs we try to make it as easy as possible for incoming school fundraiser organizers to get started and reach their goals. To start, let’s get the fundraising lingo down – after all, you’re going to hear a lot of these words and phrases throughout the course of fundraiser, it’s a good idea to get these basics down. So, without further ado, here is your crash course vocabulary lesson for school fundraisers!

Chairs – No, we’re not talking about the ones you sit on, we are talking about fundraiser chairs. They are typically the chief organizers of the school fundraiser and have serious responsibilities including being the liaison with the fundraising company and delegating the tasks to volunteers and other helpers.

Kick Off AssemblySchool fundraisers, especially for elementary school, often hold an assembly or special event that explains how kids can participate in the fundraiser and it can also get the students excited about it. Many school fundraisers show a fun music video or a short play with teachers and the principal to make the fundraiser seem fun and cool.

Main Order Packed by Participant – This alliterative description refers to how you receive your school order on delivery day. Mixed Bag Designs sorts the order by participant and packs them individually before putting them into one big box as the “main order.” This way it’s easy for the fundraiser chair to distribute the orders, all you have to do is open the large main order box and then distribute the smaller packages based on the name labeled on the individual packages. For example, a package labeled “John Smith” will include all of the products from John’s customers’ orders.

Distributing Orders – Though “distribution” may speak for itself, the only reason we highlight this term is because the process of fundraiser distribution is a lot more cumbersome than simply handing out boxes.  Fundraisers need to plan ahead, solidifying their delivery day and then making sure there will be enough volunteers to help organize the orders. Some fundraiser chairs choose to arrange the distribution in a school gym, others do it in a teachers’ lounge and then pass it out at pick-up.

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