Creative School Fundraiser Ideas

Creative School Fundraiser Ideas - Mixed Bag Designs

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Successful school fundraisers involve teamwork, great products and creativity. At Mixed Bag Designs, we love to hear from fundraiser chairs to learn how they promote their fundraisers and the innovative ways that they try to raise money for their goals. Needless to say, there’s a lot of great ideas out there! Let’s see what school fundraisers have been up to with some fun and creative school fundraiser ideas.

Golf Ball Drop – The Costa Mesa Mariners Christian School students ran a golf ball drop where over 600 students watched a helicopter drop almost 2,000 golf balls onto a temporary golf course. Students paid $10 per golf ball and won prizes when their balls landed closest to different holes, making it a wacky, aerial take on golf! The school incorporated this event into their bigger weekend golf tournament held at the Newport Beach Country Club. Altogether, the students raised over $50,000 for financial aid students and the school. Via OC Register

Betting on Spelling – Combining learning and fundraising is always an attractive option for elementary school fundraisers. We read in Scholastic a great idea from an elementary school in Des Moines, Iowa. Teachers at the school choose a list of 10-20 words for each grade level and invite parents to pledge a certain amount of money for each word a student spells correctly on a written test. This idea takes a page from walk-a-thons that ask people to pledge based on how far they go but adds a learning curve. At the end of the challenge, all the kids can celebrate with a party. In this particular elementary school fundraiser, they raised over $8,000. Via

Afterhours Coffeehouse – From karaoke night to a community-wide concert, offer the community a fun night out that also benefits your school fundraiser. Karaoke night could become a quarterly event for both kids and parents. Rent a machine (usually around $100 for the night) and then charge a small admission fee and have fun with it. Get volunteers or the art department to decorate the cafeteria or gym with student artwork to make it look like a fun lounge or coffeehouse. Invite some students or teachers from the music department to perform their favorite songs. Keep it relaxed, have a good time, and offer a fun way for people to contribute and come together with the community. At $5 a ticket, you could easily raise $500 per event if you had 100 people purchase tickets.

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