Support a great fundraiser – Crest Care Chinese Crested Breed Rescue

Shop Mixed Bag Designs For Fundraisers - Support a Fundraiser Shop reusable bags and support great fundraisers! Once again, we are happy to present another wonderful cause that you can easily support simply by shopping online! This animal rescue fundraiser has a touching story and certainly the organization needs as much help as possible to take care of their animals. Read on to learn more about the Crest Care Chinese Crested Breed Rescue Group.

Crest Care Chinese Crested Breed Rescue headquartered in Kingston, NY is dedicated to the unique breed of dogs, the Chinese Crested dog. The organization takes in these unique dogs in all conditions, many have found their way to the shelter after being abandoned, many of those with major medical issues. The dogs’ medical costs and frequent vet visits start to add up, with several dogs currently amounting to over $2-3000 in medical costs and who are un-adoptable due to major medical issues.

In addition to this Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser selling reusable bags, the rescue group also sells calendars, runs raffles and auctions, and offers a variety of other items to help raise funds for these dogs. Mixed Bag Designs’ fans can easily support the rescue by shopping online and adding 178938 at checkout. In addition, animal-lovers in the area may be interested in adopting one of these dogs – please contact the Crest Care Rescue directly at crestcareinc @

See more at Crest Care Rescue

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