Successful School Fundraiser Tips

Successful School Fundraiser Tips - Plan a Great School FundraiserSchool fundraiser organizers are constantly on the look out for improving their yearly fundraiser drive and making the most of the time, effort and planning that goes into each event. First things first, the best school fundraisers start with working with the school board and administration so not only everyone is on the same page but you can also start building a team of volunteers and supporters to help plan and execute all of the details that make a school fundraiser successful.

Here is an overview of tips from past school fundraisers so you can pinpoint some key ideas and incorporate them into your school fundraiser plan.

All in This Together!

The key to holding a successful school fundraiser is building a committed team. Commitment is important in keeping everyone motivated and on track. A great way to kick off this team idea is to incorporate the idea that after all, a fundraiser is a group effort to improve and benefit the group. The parents that volunteer and stay involved from start to finish are ultimately helping their children’s school and reaching the school’s objectives to make it a better place and experience for the children. As a leader or main organizer, it’s up to you to form a key team from the get go to keep the spirits high and helping you to keep everyone on track.


A simple plan, simple schedule and simple documentation on how people can support the fundraiser mark the differences between truly successful school fundraisers and those that don’t do as well. Many times school fundraisers don’t reach their goals or become overly stressful because they don’t have enough volunteers. Make it easy to volunteer – schedule fundraisers during months or weeks that are not going to be disrupted by vacation times or breaks. Also be mindful of weather – those in northern areas may want to avoid the deep of winter and plan fundraisers in late September or starting in late March through spring. Send out emails and reminders – use lists so people can see where they can help and what they can do. Simply put, keep it simple and straight to the point!

Stick to the Gameplan!

Make a plan and stick to it! Work with your team at the start of the fundraiser to layout a checklist with deadlines and  keep on top of the list. Confirm dates with school administrators, send out updates to your team and follow up on the plan. If you need to, you may want to schedule follow-up meetings throughout the fundraiser (they can even be over the phone or using online conferencing with your email provider) to just stay in touch with your team and to pinpoint any of the problem areas. If you have a well laid-out plan, you should be able to predict where possible problems may arise and you can plan ahead for different situations.

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