Fundraiser Tips – Pick Up Day

School Fundraiser Tips from Mixed Bag Designs - Fundraiser PlanningIn our new series of fundraiser tips, Mixed Bag Designs’ account reps and past fundraiser chairs hope to provide some fundraiser ideas that will help maximize your profits and minimize your stress levels (fingers crossed!). For this post we’re skipping over towards the end of the fundraiser and the delivery day. How can you plan out your pick-up so that it runs smoothly? Read on to find out!

1. Communication! Make sure you’re keeping both your parents and volunteers informed about the delivery dates and the pick up dates. If you want parents to arrive and pick up their orders, send out multiple emails and follow-ups with explicit times well in advance so they can make the appropriate arrangements.

2. Teamwork! Any big project is easier with a team. Delegate tasks – have some people following up with parents on the reminders to pick up their orders, have others ready to help out when the products are delivered to sort by classroom or group, make sure people are aware that some orders may arrive in large packages and heavy lifting may be required (this is important to tell parents as well so they have room in their cars to take it home.

3. Make it easy! If you’re doing a school fundraiser, have signs at all doors and entrances pointing parents in the right direction for pick up. Include this information on your cover letter or flier. Have volunteers at popular pick-up points to help lead people in the right direction.

4. Have a backup plan! Things can always go wrong – and it’s important to have a contingency plan prepared to minimize the problems. One problem that can be easily avoided by planning ahead is managing possible unclaimed orders – you most likely won’t be able to keep them at the store so make a plan. If a parent can’t come on pick-up day, arrange for classrooms to coordinate parent pickup with friends or neighbors to pick it up for them. Draft volunteers who will drop off additional orders if possible. There are a variety of solutions but you have to plan ahead for them.

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