School Fundraisers Using Mobile Payment Devices Like PayAnywhere and Square

Last week, PTO Today posted a short blog announcing their partnership with mobile payment device PayAnywhere. PayAnywhere is a mobile credit card processing app that attaches to a mobile smartphone and allows users to read and accept credit card payments with a swipe. For a small transaction fee (2.69%), PayAnywhere takes the check out of the equation and let’s people pay up front and automatically, forgoing the hassles of counting checks and organizing cash & coins. The funds go directly into your specified organization’s bank account.

Reusable Bags Safety: How To Clean Your Reusable Bag

Reusable bags are great for adding some style to your errands with the added plus that they’re good for the environment! The one thing every consumer should be aware of with reusable bags is how to properly take care and clean them. Reusable bags can be home to a lot of unwelcomed bacteria – stuff you definitely don’t want near your produce or recent shopping splurges! Not too worry – it’s an easy fix. Just use these simple tricks to keep your reusable bags clean and ready when you are for your next farmers market!

Follow Mixed Bag Designs on Instagram!

Mixed Bag Designs is on Instagram and our design and marketing team is constantly updating photos from our workshop and design studio – plus in and around town! All bag ladies and eco-chic photo lovers welcome! Check out mixed Bag Designs on Instagram and have fun with photos! Mark your own eco-friendly photos with #mixedbagdesigns hashtags – we’ll be starting contests soon and you could win!

School Fundraiser Tips – Money Management

In our new series of fundraiser tips, Mixed Bag Designs’ account reps and past fundraiser chairs hope to provide some fundraiser ideas that will help maximize your profits and minimize your stress levels (fingers crossed!). For this post we’re concentrating on the “bread and butter” of a school fundraiser: the funds! Read on to get ideas and learn the best practices of handling the money and funds during your fundraiser.

Fundraisers and International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, where we take a moment to reflect on the achievements women have made over the past 100 years. Mixed Bag Designs has its own Women’s Day moment as a new start-up business in a sea of male-dominated fundraiser companies. Mixed Bag Designs is now enjoying its 9th consecutive fundraising season and the colorful catalog has come a long way from the single grocery bag. We are as busy as ever but today we just want to join the ranks and celebrate pioneering women in business as we commemorate International Women’s Day.