Fundraisers and International Women’s Day

womens-dayToday is International Women’s Day, where we take a moment to reflect on the achievements women have made over the past 100 years. Mixed Bag Designs has its own Women’s Day moment as a new start-up business in a sea of male-dominated fundraiser companies. How did it all start?

In early 2008, two mothers in the San Francisco Bay Area were starting a business designing and manufacturing stylish reusable bags that would spruce up errands and grocery runs. Their philosophy was to create a great product with fantastic designs and maintain a commitment to environmental responsibility. Every year over 100 billion disposable plastic bags are used in the U.S. and fewer than 10% get recycled. A Mixed Bag Designs Grocery Bag holds almost twice as much as a standard plastic bag, and they last for years.

In 2009 after enjoying success in the wholesale business offering their reusable grocery bags to retailers, Mixed Bag Designs discovered the world of fundraising at a local trade show. The school fundraiser business had been dominated by male-run companies offering cookie dough and wrapping paper, and the colorful grocery bag was a breath of fresh air in a tired marketplace. Since Mixed Bag Designs entered the fundraiser business in 2009, it has been the fastest growing part of business – and for a reason, these bags sell!

What’s special about Mixed Bag Designs is that it was started by two fundraising chairs who could pinpoint key factors that make a fundraiser successful: offer great products, maximize profits and streamline the planning process. Mixed Bag Designs offers up to 50% profits on their school fundraisers plus free shipping. They also offer a comprehensive fundraiser guidebook in their online Fundraiser Chair Office that includes professionally-designed cover letters, posters, fliers, email scripts and more.

Mixed Bag Designs is now enjoying its 9th consecutive fundraising season and the colorful catalog has come a long way from the single grocery bag. We are as busy as ever but today we just want to join the ranks and celebrate pioneering women in business as we commemorate International Women’s Day.

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