School Fundraiser Sales Strategy: Promoting with Samples

School Fundraiser Sales Strategy - Promote with Samples

One of the most difficult parts of a school fundraiser is generating buzz and promoting the fundraiser effectively. Send out an email, post fliers but ultimately you want your community to interact with the product! Samples are key in this school fundraiser promotion strategy.

Just like free samples at a grocery store, a great way to promote your fundraiser is by letting potential customer try out the project. Product sampling can be a great source for word-of-mouth buzz (“Have you seen that cute grocery bag?”) and it gets people imagining themselves owning the product. A key way to get the bags noticed is by giving teachers or school administration some of your samples and have them use them and carry them around before you kick off your fundraiser.

Set up a display in the front hallway of your school where parents drop off students more often. Preschools and elementary school fundraisers may find it beneficial to have teachers wear the bags out as they are escorting students to the car. You can also host a mini fashion show with parents and take pictures of them trying on the bags, then post them to your school’s Facebook page or website.

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