Ten Top School Fundraiser Ideas To Boost Sales


Adding an event to your Mixed Bag Designs school fundraiser can greatly improve your success by boosting your income and spreading the word on your fundraising cause. Here are some ideas for a fun event you can host to boost your fundraiser sales. We love reusable bags of course, but these ideas are the best way to add extra sales and round out your budget.

1.Β  Ticket Raffle

A reliable and classic way to raise money a chance prize raffle or 50/50 raffle (half the money collected goes to the fund, half goes to the winner) is a simple and surefire way to make some money for your cause. Add this raffle to an event like a school fair or sport’s game that will already have a decent amount of traffic.

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Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10!

Teacher Appreciation Day - Top Teacher QuotesTeacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10! Have you stocked up on your teacher gifts yet? Check out some of our teacher gift ideas for Teacher Appreciation 2012!

Talk the Talk: Basic Eco Vocab

Eco Vocab Basics

We love supporting green school fundraisers and reusable bags that help keep our world a little more clean and sustainable. What does “sustainability” mean? Read below to learn some terms that often come up in conversations about the environment and going green, and see how you can help Mixed Bag Designs in our journey to spread awareness about living a green lifestyle!

Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint measures the total amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions used or given off by a service or product. Both of these contribute to global warming and are important to keep track of when trying to be environmentally responsible.

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Travel in Style with Mixed Bag Designs

Look trendy On the Go with your Mixed Bag Designs Travel Bag

Cayambe Reversible Travel Dress GoLite gear
Women’s Ryder Hooded Cardigan Light Brown Polyvore
Plush Wedge Sandals Aerosoles
Packing list The Emerald Closet Style Guide
Brown Pink and Tan Multi Rope Leather Urban Bracelet DGConnection

Travel doesn’t have to be a chore, dress up or down with your Mixed Bag Designs Travel Bags. Remember the travel essentials but have a little fun and look your best, whether you’re traveling around the corner or around the World! You will want use this adorable two-pocket travel bag over and over, and it’s no wonder! The possibilities are endless when you tote around this stylish eco-friendly bag.

National Teacher of the Year 2013 Announced

Mixed Bag Designs wants to congratulate and thank teacher Jeff Charbonneau, this year’s National Teacher of the Year. We appreciate all that he, and all teachers out there who strive to touch the lives of students, has done as an educator and example to students across the nation. The National Teacher of the Year Program began in 1952 and continues as the oldest national honors program focusing attention and excellence in teaching. Charbonneau will be honored today with the other 2013 State Teachers of the Year at the White House in a special ceremony with President Barack Obama.

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