School Fundraisers Offer Lifelong Lessons

school fundraiser lessons - Mixed Bag DesignsFundraising Helps Kids Grow

We know that product fundraisers can help a school achieve goals from a financial standpoint, but what can school fundraisers teach our students in the process?

Empowerment and Philanthropy

While the main focus of a fundraiser might be to reach a specific monetary goal, a well-organized school fundraiser can teach students important lessons and skills along the way. A fundraiser gives students the resources to make their own sales and set specific goals, and ultimately gives them the power to bring about a positive change in their community. When given greater responsibility, students will often rise up to the challenge and be committed to their fundraising causes. A sense of philanthropy and community is instilled when students see that others are willing to share excitement for their cause and contribute. Teaching children to spend their own time and efforts for a greater purpose is an important step in their personal growth and development.

Presentation and Communication Skills

Although many parents will not want students going door-to-door, school fundraisers give children the opportunity to learn presentation and communication skills just from interacting with friends and family. Learning the importance and impact of eye contact, clear speech, and preparedness go hand in hand with fundraising. These skills are crucial for development and are best learned through experience outside the classroom. Children learn these skills with practice, and in the end will find they are more comfortable and confident with themselves and their ability to get the results they seek.

Setting Goals and Planning

Managing money and setting goals are skills that children will carry with them the rest of their lives. Teamwork and responsibility are crucial to the success of any fundraiser, and children involved learn firsthand the importance of planning ahead and having short term, reachable goals. Achieving short-term goals, whether it be regarding reaching a certain dollar amount or spending a certain amount of time on their fundraiser, keeps students motivated and on track towards success.

It is important for parents to recognize the importance of fundraisers not just for the financial benefits, but for the important skills their children will learn and develop in the process- skills and insights that will ultimately help mold them into well-rounded, happy adults.

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