Fundraising: How Does Your Sales Representative Help You?

Great School Fundraisers with Sales Reps

When it comes to running a great school fundraiser, staying organized and on track can be a lot easier and manageable when you have a dedicated sales representative or consultant to help you through the process. Mixed Bag Designs assigns a personal fundraising consultant for each fundraiser so that the Chairperson of each fundraiser can take advantage of the expertise and experience of a sales representative who is familiar with the program and willing to provide ongoing support along the way.

It is important to remember that a fundraiser sales consultant is very different than the average salesperson, who may seem overbearing or have a different agenda than the customer. With fundraising, sales consultants and chairpersons work together closely because they have the same goals! Mixed Bag Designs sales representatives want to build an ongoing relationship with the chairperson and school along with those involved in the fundraiser and help to take part in the sales process so that the school fundraiser can reach its goals and provide a great, affordable product at the same time. This way, the school can be successful in reaching its goals and can run the fundraiser again when they desire.

When picking a fundraiser, it is imperative to choose a company that provides a helpful sales representative to assist with the creative process, help get the word out about the fundraiser, and even help with fundraiser organization and strategy. Mixed Bag Designs assigns each school with a sales representative/consultant to help with the school’s fundraiser kick-off event, and provides helpful tools like promotional materials, customized cover letters, and announcement emails for each fundraising project. Having a personal fundraising consultant can ensure that the school fundraiser runs smoothly and reaches enough members of the community to be successful year after year.

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